Longest Time Balancing A Three-Ball Stack



Lewes, East Sussex, England / May 3, 2014

Peter Bone balanced a stack of three balls for 52.58 seconds.

- all balls must be spherical and of the same sizes
- balls must be stacked vertically on top of each other
- may only use one hand to balance
- may not use adhesives
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Allan Allsopp

    Awesome man, really cool :)

    • India Suresh Gaur

      Thanks, Longest Balancing is possible only by keeping mind and body cool with stability just like our Earth,our earth is moving and rotating always but we do not feel.Management of anti gravitational Force is great balancing.Your balancing of spoon is too good,Congrats!.

  • England Peter Bone

    Suresh's record is impressive, but not the same as my record. My balls are completely smooth and free to roll against each other, which means that I have to correct for the roll as well as keeping the stack upright. However, this record does conform to the current rules, which is why I would have preferred to keep my original rules instead of the standard record setter balancing rules, which don't even state that the balls must be spherical. I tiny indentation in one of the balls makes this trick much easier.

    • Philippines MaAnn P.

      I agree with you, Peter.

      Suresh - I love your records but this one is not consistent with the form of Peter Bone's record. I vote to deny this for such reason.

    • India Suresh Gaur

      Thanks and Regards, Madam MA-ANN PACION. I respect to your decision. I do not want to get a World Record which hurt to others. So, kindly reject my record as early as possible. But in the Record Title it is clearly mention to balancing a Three-Ball Stack. The Main aim is balancing of three balls. In my attempt all balls are spherical and inflated. It may be balance by rolling and stopping bottom ball or by trying to balance of all balls. I will try it again by rolling bottom ball and balancing.

    • England Peter Bone

      Thanks Ma-ann Pacion, but as Suresh has said, his record conforms to all the rules. If you deny his record then you must also change the rules. If you don't have access to the original rules that I suggested then I can send them to you. You could perhaps just add 1 additional rule to say that the surface of the balls should be smooth.

    • England Peter Bone

      I see now that you've added a rule about balls being spherical. Since no ball is perfectly spherical, I think it would be better to require that the surface of the balls should be smooth. I don't think that the requirement for the balls being the same size is necessary. Being of varing sizes does not greatly effect the difficulty and I don't want to restrict the rules more than they need to be. Thanks.

  • United States Tai Star

    Progressively Awesomer.

  • England Molly, Florence

    How big are the balls I was thinking about giving it a go

    • England Peter Bone

      15cm diameter. You need the largest ball that you can grip comfortably in your hand. Here's an article about this trick. http://ezine.juggle.org/2014/04/09/the-triple-ball-stack-balance-an-old-trick-re-learned/

  • England Molly, Florence

    Wow thats so cool I wish I could do that!!!!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Peter, do four ball stacks exist?

    • England Peter Bone

      I believe I'm the only person able to do the 3 ball stack, although others have done it in the past. 4 is theoretically possible and I have a computer simulation of it in one of my videos, but I don't think we'll ever see a human doing it without cheating somehow. 4 balls has been done in a spinning stack, but this is much easier as the gyroscopic motion keeps them in balance.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Fascinating. Thanks for the explanation.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    In a snowstorm no less. I'd love to see this one keep improving. Very impressive stuff.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Pete, this is awesome. Any tips for someone who may want to try and beat it?

    • England Peter Bone

      Thanks. Begin by learning 2 balls very well. Learn to balance with 2 balls by rotating the bottom ball rather than moving it. Then try 3. Rotate to keep the balls aligned and move to keep them upright. Look between the top and bottom middle ball. It helps a lot to have a pattern on the top and middle ball to see them rotate. Choose as large a ball as you can grip easily, quite heavy and very grippy. I use rhythmic gymnastic balls.

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