Longest Time To Balance Juggling Club On Chin While Singing And Playing Guitar

United States Brian Pankey


Springfield, Illinois, United States / July 12, 2012

Brian Pankey balanced a juggling club on his chin for one minute, 45.61 seconds while singing and playing guitar.

- must use a standard juggling club
- must balance club on chin
- must sing and play guitar while balancing
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    you're the world's greatest balancer Doug. yes I am a horrible singer & musician.

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Doug McManaman

    Ha Ha just seen this I am going to be honest Brian your singing can use some work on it but your balancing is second to none. thanks for your remark and congrats on this great record.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Mitch, wow, thank you so much for writing us a song! You are the best!

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    I don't understand when I submitted mine that it says draft instead of pending when I submitted this earlier it did not go to where it says under review after I clicked submit button nothing happened when I clicked the submit button

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    I did this for one minute & 45 seconds but couldn't stand to hear my own voice or ad libs any longer. As for me being the world's greatest balancer like I was singing it that depends on various objects & weights. I think Doug Mcmanaman is a better balancer than myself .

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    I just did this record I suck at singing and playing an untuned guitar but since the record must be quantifiable you can't judge my horrible voice or playing skills as for my balancing skills that's a different playing field. So Mitch you have a nice voice & guitar skills so I can't take that away from you but I will take this record away!

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