Fastest Time For 3 People To Smash 30 Clocks With Guitars

United States


Nashville, Tennessee, United States / December 2, 2013

Paramore set an official RecordSetter World Record by smashing 30 clocks with their guitars in 31.33 seconds.

The band set the record within their "Ain't It Fun" music video, in which they also set a record for Most World Records Set in a Music Video.

NOTE: This record can be dangerous. If you attempt to beat record, you must take safety precautions, have parental guidance and follow all rules below.

- all clocks must be damaged during attempt
- clocks must be smashed entirely by force of guitars
- all three participants must smash at least one clock each
- participants may use any type of guitars
- participants must wear safety goggles and protective clothing
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet alden marie

    hahah!!! They are having fun! :)

  • The Internet Kristian Robertson

    when Hayley hits that first one and her guitar and it bounces back and she says " NO! " lol xD

  • The Internet heather

    wow it's really awesome of you to smash and kick trash into the river. very awesome and responsible... you're just so cool!

    • The Internet Jeddeye

      Just because they don't show it getting picked up in the video doesn't mean it didn't get picked up. I don't know if they did pick it up but you can't just assume that they were assholes and just left it there. It was a music video, I'm sure there was some crew member getting paid to clean.

  • Philippines Maryline Umaña

    they are so... crazy outrageous, i love it!

  • The Internet Aditya Haritama

    Nice one

  • The Internet Firdausy Angga

    gelo siah hayley

  • The Internet Laurie Alvarez

    hahahaha, they are so crazy

  • The Internet Claudia Nayeli

    jajaja thats amazing i want to do it xD

  • The Internet Ciara Kiira

    Hayley missed and freaked out, haha. They are all too funny!

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