Most Two-Ounce Grilled Sliders Eaten by Four People In Five Minutes

United States Rob Blatt, Will True, Matt Robicelli, John Bilancini II

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Brooklyn, New York, United States / February 5, 2011

Rob Blatt, Will True, Matt Robicelli, and John Bilancini II ate a total of 39 two-ounce grilled slidersin five minutes as part of League Of Amateur Competitive Eaters[] event at the Burger Bistro in Brooklyn, New York.

NOTE: Speed eating can be hazardous to one’s health. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand.

- sliders must be grilled
- meat in sliders must weigh 2-ounces 
- drinking liquids during attempt permitted
- dunking of food in liquid is permitted
- regurgitation of food is grounds for disqualification
- excess food remanents when timing is complete may result in deduction from final count
- emergency medical supervision is required


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