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00:30 The Internet

Fastest Time To Drink 1/4 Pint Of Water

Peter Kendall

Peter Kendall drank 1/4 of a pint of water in 1.17 seconds. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand.

00:7 United States

Fastest Time To Toss A Water Balloon From Behind The Back And Have It Burst On The Tip Of An Open Umbrella Held Over Head

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey tossed a water balloon from behind his back and burst it on the tip of an open umbrella held over his head in one minute, 20 seconds.

00:21 United States

Farthest Distance To Catch A Waboba Ball From One Bounce


Todd Amos caught a Waboba ball from a bounce 54 feet in distance.

01:56 Canada

Longest Time To Balance A Water Bottle On Top Of A Bowling Ball On Forehead

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a water bottle on top of a bowling ball on his forehead for 31.37 seconds.

00:26 United States

Most People Jumped Over On A Slip 'n Slide


Brandon Pleshek slid along a Slip 'n Slide and jumped over three people. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. If you attempt to beat it, please use caution and have medical supervision on hand.

00:21 The Internet

Fastest Time To Empty Three 16.90-Fluid Ounce Water Bottles

Alec Hofberg

Alec Hofberg poured out three full 16.90-fluid ounce water bottles in 6.31 seconds.

01:45 The Internet

Highest "Air Sip"

David Dargay

David Dargay took a sip of water dropped from a height of 12 feet.

02:51 United States

Largest Water Fight

Nathan Sukonik

Nathan Sukonik and 12,804 people gathered at Central Park in New York City armed with water guns and sprayed water to each other. They set the record to celebrate the start of summer season. Read more about the event here.

01:03 United States

Most Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On Top Of A Soda Bottle Filled With Water

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 154 consecutive bounces of a table tennis ball on a soda bottle filled with water.

01:17 United States

Most One-Handed Table Tennis Ball Bounces On Top Of A Gallon Container Filled With Water

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 26 consecutive one-handed table tennis ball bounces on top of a gallon jug filled with water.

09:47 United States

Most Water Bottles Opened And Poured On An Unknowing Volunteer

Records For Water

Noah Riffe led his group in opening 28 water bottles and pouring them on their unsuspecting friend. They set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

00:49 United States

Most People Popping Water Bottle Lids

Stephanie Martoccio

Stephanie Martoccio led 16 people in popping water bottle lids. They set the record as part of the College of Lake County Social Action Club's World Record Day fundraiser for the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center in Gurnee, Illinois. #WorldRecordDay2012

03:08 Spain

Most Spit-Takes By Five People In 45 Seconds

OtraMovida Records

Five members of the Otra Movida team completed 22 consecutive spit-takes on their faces in 45 seconds.

00:55 The Internet

Most Evian Bottles Held At Once

Patricia Henriquez

Patricia Henriquez held 40 evian bottles at once. The record was set during evian's Live Young, Skate On! event in Miami Florida. #evianwater

The Internet

Most Evian Bottles Juggled At Once

Andrew Ruiz

Andrew Ruiz juggled five bottles of evian water at once. The record was set during evian's Live Young, Skate On! event in Miami Florida. #evianwater

01:31 The Internet

Most Stairs Descended While Balancing A Cup of Water On Head

Alejandro Valdes

Alejandro Valdes walked down 42 stairs while balancing a cup of water on his head.

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