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01:00 South Africa

Tallest Beer Can Tower

Steyn Enslin

Steyn E. stacked 14 beer cans in a tower.

00:39 United States

Tallest Zappos Delivery Box Tower Stacked In 15 Seconds

Jesi Vasquez

At the Bay to Breakers Pre-Race Expo in San Francisco, California, Jesi Vasquez stacked a tower of 15 Zappos delivery boxes in 15 seconds, a World Record. This one of eight world records set at the Expo. Additionally, the race itself set a world record for Most World Records Set During a Road Race (40). See all the records at

13:25 Ireland

Most 5-Cent Coins Stacked In A Tower

Fiona frawley

Record Setter stacked 162 5-cent coins in a single tower.

02:30 Italy

Most Toilet Paper Rolls Stacked In 30 Seconds

Silvio Sabba

Record Setter stacked 28 toilet paper rolls in 30 seconds.

01:56 Bahrain

Fastest Time To Stack 20 Lego Bricks In A Right-Angle Pattern Tower With One Hand

William Hann

William H. stacked 20 Lego bricks into a right-angle pattern tower in 19.75 seconds with one hand.

01:26 United States

Tallest Qubits Toy Tower

Mark Burginger

Mark Burginger and the 6th grade Wadsworth STEM Academy students built a Qubits toy tower 169 inches in height using a total of 6,950 pieces of Qubits toys. They set the record during Dr. Seuss Night at Wadsworth Elementary School in Palm Coast, Florida.

00:23 United States

Tallest Tissue Box Tower Stacked Vertically

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked six tissue boxes vertically in a tower.

01:18 Australia

Tallest Vertical Tissue Box Tower Balanced On Forehead While Seated On The Floor


Brendan Kelbie balanced three tissue boxes on his forehead while seated on the floor.

02:55 United States

Tallest Domino Tower Stacked On Top Of Five Tissue Boxes

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked 25 dominoes in a tower on top of five tissue boxes.

03:40 United States

Most Seven-Block Jenga Towers Made In Three Minutes

Vito O.

Vito made six 7-block Jenga towers in three minutes.

00:25 Italy

Fastest Time To Stack Three Mandarins In A Tower Using A Pair Of Tongs

Carlo marzullo

Carlo M. stacked three mandarins in a tower using a pair of tongs in 3.86 seconds.

01:53 United States

Tallest Poker Chip Tower Stacked On A CD Held In Hand

Tai Star

Tai Star stacked 100 poker chips on a CD held in his hand.


Tallest Staccabees Tower

Fiona Singer

Fiona Singer built a Staccabees tower 30 units in height.


Most Compact Discs Held At Once

Christian O’Connell

Christian O’Connell held 194 CDs in his hands at once. He performed the feat live on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show.

08:06 United States

Tallest Styrofoam Cup Tower

Cam Blair

Cam B. stacked 21 Styrofoam 16-ounce cups on top of each other end-to-end.


Most Quarters Stacked On A Roll Of Duct Tape

Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox stacked a tower made of 40 quarters on top of a roll of duct tape.

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