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00:16 United States

Fastest Time To Say "How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?"

Andrew Miller

Andrew M. said "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" in 1.13 seconds.

01:30 England

Most Times Reciting "Mrs. Smith's Fish Sauce Shop" In 30 Seconds

Stuart Duggan

Stuart Duggan recited the tongue twister “Mrs. Smith’s Fish Sauce Shop” 18 times in 30 seconds. He broke the record live in the Bright FM studio during the Bailey @ Breakfast show. tag:RecordSetterBook01

United States

Most Times To Say "Peter Piper Picked A Pumpkin" In 30 Seconds

Nathalie Fontilme

Nathalie F. said "Peter Piper picked a pumpkin" 26 times in 30 seconds.

United States

Fastest “Betty Botter” Tongue Twister

Julia B.

At Asa H’s Bar Mitzvah party, Julia B. recited the “Betty Botter” tongue twister in 9.25 seconds. #AsaBarMitzvah

00:33 United States

Fastest Time To Recite "Poquito A Poquito" Spanish Tongue Twister

Destiny Musick

Destiny M. recited the Spanish tongue twister, Poquito a Poquito, in 3.61 seconds.

00:45 United States

Most Times Reciting "Nama-Mugi Nama-Gome Nama-Tamago" In 30 Seconds

Philip Cotsford

Philip Cotsford recited the Japanese tongue twister "Nama-mugi nama-gome nama-tamago[]“18 times in 30 seconds. The saying translates in English to”Raw wheat, raw rice, raw egg." The record was set at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS14][]

00:43 United States

Fastest Time To Recite "At A Minute Or Two 'Til Two"

James Hulser

James Hulser recited the At A Minute Or Two ’Til Two tongue twister in 7.57 seconds.

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