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00:33 United States

Fastest Time To Name All Harry Potter Book Titles In Chronological Order

Matt Brodsky

Matt Brodsky named all of the Harry Potter book titles in chronological order in 4.69 seconds.

00:37 United States

Most Words In A World Record Title

Tai Star

Tai Star set the record, "Fastest Time To Complete Ten 360-Degree Spins With A Hacky Sack On Head While Balancing A Juggling Ball On A Deck Of Cards On Top Of The RecordSetter Book Of World Records On Three Fingertips" on April 8, 2013. The record contains 35 words on its title.

00:40 The Internet

Fastest Time To Name All James Bond Movies In Chronological Order

Rob Wilkinson

Rob Wilkinson named all 22 of the James Bond films in chronological order in 9.93 seconds. #RecordSetterBook01

00:58 Malaysia

Most Metallica Songs Named In 30 Seconds

Keenan Ho

Keenan H. named 31 Metallica songs in 30 seconds.

04:22 United States

Most Unique Songs With The Same Name In A Playlist

Tai Star

Tai Star has 62 unique songs with the same name, Mary Jane, in his playlist. See his playlist here.

04:02 United States

Most Different First Words In Record Titles Achieved By One Person

Tai Star

Tai Star achieved 16 different first words in his record titles. See all his records titles here.

01:16 Canada

Most Book Titles Named In 10 Seconds

Smdmdm Kdmdmdmdm

Evan G. named 27 books in 10 seconds.

01:32 The Internet

Most Lil Wayne Songs Mentioned In 30 Seconds


Halk mentioned 30 Lil Wayne songs in 30 seconds.

01:19 United States

Most Radiohead Songs Named In 30 Seconds

Brett Walling

Brett Walling from Citizen Effect named 21 Radiohead songs in 30 seconds.


Fastest Time To Name All Titles In The "The 39 Clues" Series

Jared S.

Jared S. named all of the titles in the “[The 39 Clues][1]” series in 27.53 seconds during a stop on the [RecordSetter book][2] tour. [1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The39Clues [2]: http://recordsetter.com/book

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