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Lincoln Military Housing wants to set a world record:

Worlds Longest Outdoor Blanket Fort

Record Attempt: 450

Record Attempt


Set On

January 31, 2011


San Diego, California


  • This event has not happened yet. I need to know that if we do build the 450 foot blanket fort that it will be submitted. Would it be possible to get use of your logo?

The world record will be set May 27th 2011 in San Diego California.

Building a blanket fort is a childhood tradition that encourages creativity, imagination, and learning about building! Playgroup events are opportunities for parents with young children to socialize, have fun, and be a part of something BIG! ◦Who is attempting this? 240 Parents and young children - Primarily stay at home moms and children ages 1-4. They are all military families. ◦How will they do it? We will have 8 teams of 30 people who will each be given a bucket full of supplies and instructions on how to build it their portion of the fort. All of the guests will be asked to bring 3 sheets to cover the blanket fort. ◦How is it measured, what is the record based on? We will use a measuring tape and go all the way around a baseball diamond with a 50 foot entrance sticking out (Total of 450 feet!). We will also have a videographer and photographer onsite to record the record.
◦Why are you doing this? I am in charge of hosting playgroup events twice a year; they normally range from 200 to 300 people each. The mission is to get stay at home moms and children a chance to socialize and have fun. feet 450

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