Under Council Review

Room Here wants to set a world record:

Largest Cardboard Fort

Record Attempt: 12,592boxes Current Record: 12,952boxes

Record Attempt



- fort must be composed primarily of cardboard boxes
- tape and other adhesives permitted
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence

Set On

August 6, 2020


Salt Lake City, Utah


State/Province: Our goal is to build the LARGEST cardboard fort in the world. Why? Because the stigma around mental health is a huge barrier for many.

Our organization is called Room Here and we’re creating room here for a new conversation about mental fitness. We’re championing mental fitness in the workplace to create healthier individuals, families, and communities.

We want to break the stigma around mental health conversations, and we believe a great way to start is by breaking a world record. We’re bringing the community together to make Room Here for our mental health!

We want the world and our community to see the record-breaking statement we make about the mental health conversation.

The cardboard fort consisted of cardboard, packing tape, duct tape, and paint. It takes a village to tackle mental health, and it'll take a village to make this cardboard fort a reality.

Why do we want to break a record? Because understanding, educating, and struggling with mental health is a big deal, and through breaking a world record we can start breaking the stigma of mental health conversations at work in a big way!

Room Here organization: roomhere.org

Community Analysis