Under Council Review

Sherrie-Nimisha wants to set a world record:

Largest All-Female Biker Meet

Record Attempt: 1,132bikers Current Record: 1,132bikers

Record Attempt



- all attendees must be captured on video and given a numbered sticker upon entry
- all attendees must arrive within a five-hour time period
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must submit video evidence

Set On

July 16, 2017


Whitchurch, Shopshire


Each female biker stickered, pillions have not been counted.

Where: Lyyn's Raven Café - Whitchurch

Number of attendees: 1,132 (between 9am and 2pm) - 5 hour time frame

Fundraising : We made a whooping £5,131.57 in total for charity

Community Analysis