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Ramchandra Khanal wants to set a world record:

Leg Vibration Exercise.

Record Attempt: first record 5000 repetitions5000 and more repetitions

Record Attempt

first record 5000 repetitions5000 and more repetitions

Set On

September 26, 2017




State/Province: 0 It is useful to relief vain pain of legs, arthritics, rheumatism as well as old problems of leg broken, knee problems. It can be done by four sides of both legs.I developed it to relief by Arthritics, uric acid pain and old leg pain problems.No body inspired me but myself problems inspired me. here attached video is long and mixed next exercise also you can see after heart exercise please. if you provide next side i will send next video

Community Analysis

  • Nepal Ramchandra Khanal

    Ramchandra Khanal

    I think this type of exercise is new type of exercise and very effective also. it is done by a 61 year old person. For vain-pain relief this exercise is newly developed by me. Ramchandra