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BMAN wants to set a world record:

Fastest Completion Of Level 1-1 In "New Super Mario Bros." (Wii)

Record Attempt: 00:00.0min/sec Current Record: 00:31.87min/sec

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Record Attempt



- may not pick up power-ups unless there is a flag
- may not go down any warp pipes or go to secret areas
- must follow RecordSetter video game rules

- must provide video evidence

Set On

December 28, 2019


Sunshine Coast, Queensland


The WR was timed exactly a second late and its physically impossible to beat it. So I beat the actual WR but to show that I beat it I had to minus exactly a second. Sorry for the inconvenience, but its not my fault the previous WR was timed wrong.

The footage was recorded with an elgato capture card.

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