Under Council Review

q q wants to set a world record:

Most Stride Flavors Written In 30 Seconds

Record Attempt: 6flavors Current Record: 9flavors

Record Attempt



- may not write any flavor more than once
- must use full names of current flavors
- only names fully completed within time limit are counted
- flavors must be memorized and not read
- writing must be legible
- no spelling errors permitted


Always Mandarin
Eternal Melon
Forever Fruit 2.0
Mega Mystery
Nonstop Mint 2.0
Shift Berry to Mint
Shift Citrus to Mint
Spark Kinetic Fruit
Spark Kinetic Mint
Spearmint 2.0
Sweet Berry 2.0
Sweet Cinnamon
Sweet Peppermint 2.0
Uber Bubble 2.0
Winterblue 2.0

Set On

September 25, 2011


League City, Texas


I am resubmitting this attempt. I cut the beginning of the video as shown previously as it may have shown copyrighted logos.

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