Under Council Review

Kobi Jaro wants to set a world record:

Most Words Rhymed With "Stride" In 15 Seconds

Record Attempt: 33words Current Record: 46words

Record Attempt



- multiple syllable words permitted as long as last syllable rhymes
- may not read words, must be recited from memory
- if same word is said more than once, it is only counted once

Set On

August 24, 2011


Brattleboro, Vermont


The words I said were: Bride Chide Clyde Died Fried Refried Eyed Flied Hide Reside Glide Guide Dried Freezedried Retried Bide Ride Snide Slide Side Tied Wide Lied Divide Outside Inside Reride Rehide Tried Abide Denied Collide Pied They are here in the order I said them

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