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Andy Pelphrey wants to set a world record:

Most RecordSetter World Records Set In 24 Hours

Record Attempt: 108records Current Record: 47records

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- records must be current 
- records must be set by an individual

Set On

June 21, 2011


Stambaugh, Kentucky


If my math is correct I've turned in a total of 108 world record claims for June 21. Most of these records I just made up on the 21st of June. I think it's 108 records. Most of the time I count and get 108 and sometimes 106 and i've even some how counted 110 but I don't think it's 110. !08 is counting the records from the record claim "Most Records Set In One Minute", with that record alone i've got 26 record claims alone just out of it. I don't know how to break each of the individual 26 records down to their exact spot in the record claim for most records in 1 minute. I don't know how to do that on my computer or if I even can. It's been a long day and night, breaking records pretty all day on the 21st, I started sending in my claims around either on 7 or 8 pm on the evening of the 21st!! It's now 7:36am on the 22nd and I am turning in my final record claim for the 21st!!! I've not stopped all night long! My wife and little boy went to bed at about 9:30pm on the 21st, thats been over 10 hours ago and i've been sending in record claims ever since!! I was really hopeing to be the 1st to do something that hadn't been done before and set over 100 world records in one day!!! I give it all I had and then some. yesterday on the 21st, I went at it trying to set records so hard that I got sick where it was over 90 degrees out!! Felt like over 100 degrees right in the sun with the humidity!! I got sick and had to stop and go in for awhile. I was bound and determined to give this thing my best effort and then some and I came back out and went at it again!! So here's my world record claim for this thing!! If you ned anything else from me regarding this record claim please feel free to let me know if you need anything or if I need to do anything else regarding this record claim. I love the Urdb and i'm just trying to make myself a positive place in it and be a positive influence for the URDB. You guys have done more for me and brought me more opportunity since i've been involved with you guys than words can ever say or express. And I can't thank each and everyone of you for this. It's a blessing to be involved with each and everyone of you and the URDB in general. I'm blessed just to have the opportunity to try for this world record claim regardless how it turns out and for every other world record claim I have as well. As for every record I've already been able to take part in. So regardless how this turns out with this claim I feel like i've already one and I've left it all out there. This is something i've wanted to try and I was given opportunity and stepped to the plate. Hopefully it will be a grand slam home run. But if things don't work out as planned I remember a peice of advice my dad give me when I was real young and just started playing baseball. He said I don't care son if you strike out everything you get up to the plate, just as you go down swinging, don't ever stand there and let a pitch you have a shot at hitting go by. That's a peice of advice that I use pretty much now every day in life and always have ever since he told me that, and i'm 30 years old now, its stuck with me this long and it aleays will. So i've stepped up to the plate and I've took a swing at this opportunity ,so i've left it all out there. If you guys need anything regarding this record claim or any other please let me know. Thank you each and everyone and God Bless. records 108

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