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Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya wants to set a world record:

World’S First Ever Mirror SMS Poem Collection Book With Most Mirror SMS Poems

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Record Attempt


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June 7, 2010


Goregaon (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra


World’s first ever Mirror SMS poem collection book with most mirror SMS poems.

I am a teacher & writer from Mumbai (India). I believe in creative writing, so I always involve in experiments in writings. My Mirror SMS poem collection ‘AnkGeet’ is best example of it.

Mirror SMS is very less known but interesting concept of text massaging. These types of messages are made from mixed combination of capital, small alphabets and numbers. Such messages are not easily readable. Through mirror image only, message content can be correctly understandable.

Mirror SMS poem is one of my innovation in creative writing. I hope I will be the first person who wrote Mirror SMS poems. I decided to popularise this format of micro writing. So, from 16th May, 2010, I started writing of some thematic mirror SMS poems. On 7th June, 2010, I completed my first Mirror SMS poem collection “AnkGeet”.

  1. AnkGeet means Number Poem.
  2. Each poem is in Hindi (National language of India) but typed in English.
  3. AnkGeet consists of 31 short poems.
  4. Each poem is explaining the importance of respective numbers.
  5. From 30th May, 2010, I started to post my AnkGeet poems on ‘Vakow’ (community for SMS blogging and sharing) & within month, I posted all poems..

  6. AnkGeet posting URL link on slideboom.com is http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/195414/ANKGEET---WORLD%27S-1st-MIRROR-SMS-POEM-COLLECTION-BOOK

  7. AnkGeet posting URL link on SlideShare is http://www.slideshare.net/dineshupadhyaya/ankgeet-worlds-1st-mirror-sms-poem-collection

  8. AnkGeet posting URL link on myplick.com is http://www.myplick.com/view/fNpi9ExVs3Z/ANKGEET-WORLDS-1st-MIRROR-SMS-POEM-COLLECTION

  9. AnkGeet posting URL link on VAKOW is http://www.vakow.com/user/dineshupadhyaya

  10. AnkGeet posting URL link on WINKSITE is http://winksite.mobi/dineshmumbai/AnkGeet

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