Under Council Review

Xiulin Chang wants to set a world record:

Longest Breath Accompanied With Nasal Singing by a World's Super Famous Singer

Record Attempt: 00:00.0min/sec

Record Attempt


Set On

December 23, 2013


Bei Jing


State/Province: 0 this is the vidio showed in the CCTV in new year festival of 2013 refer to the websit http://wlchunwan.cntv.cn/2013/zhengji/changyi/index.shtml

Community Analysis

  • China Xiulin Chang

    Xiulin Chang

    you are so professional judge, and i am so lucky to meet you today,and i am also too lucky to see you before at the same time. and thank you very much again ,my best friend!

  • China yuhuan wang

    yuhuan wang

    your nose is a special amazing accompaniment instrument, natural and beautifu,it's really Sounds Of Nature from your mouth and nose, it is awesome, and you deserve to be the record holder!