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Simon Kirk wants to set a world record:

Record Attempt: i.e. number to beate.g. inches, pounds

Record Attempt

i.e. number to beate.g. inches, pounds

Set On

February 27, 2012


New York, New York


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Community Analysis

  • United States Noah Riffe

    Nav Bar Looks Good

  • The Internet Blake Bell

    I was confused ^.^

  • England Conor Morgan

    looks good. Would you guys be keeping the whole "diagonal lines" thing across the site still or changing it to something else?

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Ha. This was a test record. I used an image that was on my desktop to test. But I am glad you liked it. As you can see, we're working on launching a new nav bar.

    Your comments and feedback and appreciated though.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    I love it. Any way we could add a community tab up there too? (i.e. links to the FB/Twitter as well as the forums, chat room, etc)