Under Council Review

Andy Pelphrey wants to set a world record:

Most World Records Set and Held in One Day

Record Attempt: 108

Record Attempt


Set On

June 21, 2011


Stambaugh, Kentucky


I am re-submitting this world record claim, I first submitted it on June 21st and haven't heard anything about it yet. This record is currently held by Brian Pankey at 30 records in one day. I can pull up this record where he currently holds it and it shows where mine is pending. Counting the records I did for The Most World Records Set In One Minute, which there was 26 involved with it equals up to a grand total of 108 total records for the date of June 21st. I was wanting to do something with which is now Record Setters that had never been done before and set over 100 world records in one day. Just thought i'd re-submitt this claim, if you need me to send or do anything else regarding this claim please let me know. This is a big one and I look foreward to hearing back with your response to this claim and anything else you may need regarding it, Thanks. other 108

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