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Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya wants to set a world record:

Most Printing Errors In A Postal Envelop

Record Attempt: 8

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March 30, 2011


Goregaon (West), Mumbai , Maharashtra


I am a teacher, writer & also an amateur Philatelist (collector of postal materials). I have a unique Indian Postal Envelop of denomination 100 ps. (Indian Rs.1) in my collection which I found from bunch of old household letters.

The most imp. & unique thing of it is that, whatever is printed on outer side of envelop i.e. National emblem, Satyamev Jayate ( in Hindi), Bharat (in Hindi), INDIA, PIN (both in Hindi & English), 100 (2 time) is exactly reverse (mirror image) printed on the inner side of envelop, when it is totally open.

There are total 08 major printing errors.

1] Indian National emblem 2]Satyamev Jayate ( in Hindi) 3] Bharat (in Hindi) 4] INDIA 5] PIN (in Hindi) 6] PIN (in English) 7-8]100 (2 times)

As a philatelist I knew that any kind of printing error makes postal material (stamp etc.) rare & precious. I wanted to know more information about envelop from postal dept. so I used Right of information act, 2005. After a long correspondence with Indian Postal Dept. (Mumbai & New Delhi ) & Indian Security Press ( Nasik),I got following satisfactory & authentic information about my envelop.

1] This envelop was printed on June - 1990. 2] Reverse printing on envelop is due to a kind of printing error called ‘Set off printing’.

From philately officials, I came to know that it was the first time they encounter with such type of reverse printing error & it is one of the first kinds of case in India.

Indian security press (Nasik Road) from where this envelop is printed, the official accepted that this envelop with set - off printing error is inadvertently pass through examination section due to oversight.

Indian top records book “Limca Book of Records” in their 2009 & 2010 edition featured my unique postal envelop as “Totally Mis - Printed Postal Envelop”

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