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01:36 United States

Most Times Petting A Dog In 30 Seconds While Holding A Statue Figure Of A Dog In Other Hand

Andy Pelphrey

Andy Pelphrey petted his dog Brownie 102 times in 30 seconds while holding a statue of a dog in his other hand.

00:56 United States

Most Kisses Of The "Noel Neill As Lois Lane" Statue In 10 Seconds

Clint Poore

Clint P. kissed the Noel Neill as Lois Lane statue located in Metropolis, Illinois 22 times in 10 seconds.

02:27 United States

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked On A Small Statue Of A Dog

Missy M

Missy Mstacked 22[American pennies][] on a small statue of a dog. [American pennies]:

00:38 United States

Most Phone Books Ripped In Half In Front Of A Superman Statue

Omega Force

The Omega Force Strength Team members ripped six phone books in half at once. They set the record in front of a giant Superman statue during the Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois.

06:19 Canada

Longest Time To Hold 40-Pound Buddha Statue Over Head

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman held a 40-pound (18.14 kg)Buddha statue above his head for four minutes, 27.65 seconds.

01:59 United States

Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower Stacked On The Head Of A Statue Figure Of A Dog

Andy Pelphrey

Andy Pelphrey assembled a ketchup packet tower on the head of a statue figure of a dog that reached seven packets in height.

00:15 United States

Most Hatchets Juggled While Hula Hooping Next To A Statue Of Abraham Lincoln


Pete Moyer juggled three hatchets while hula hooping next to a statue of Abraham Lincoln. He set the record at Lincoln Plaza Square in Hillsboro, Illinois to celebrate Lincoln's 204th birthday.

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