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00:42 Australia

Longest Time Standing On A Basketball While Spinning A Basketball On A Pen Held In Hand


Brendan Kelbie stood on a basketball for 24.54 seconds while spinning a basketball on a pen held in his hand.

00:53 England

Longest Time Balancing A Skateboard On Feet While Performing A Shoulder Stand

Oliver Bratley

Oliver B. balanced a skateboard on his feet for nine minutes, 1.30 seconds while performing a shoulder stand.

18:25 India

Longest Time Standing On Dumbell

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur stood on a dumbbell for 15 minutes, 23.11 seconds.

03:01 India

Longest Time Standing On Two Basketballs

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur stood on two basketballs for two minutes, 48.16 seconds.

01:08 India

Most Times Standing Up In One Minute With Legs Crossed

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur stood up 23 times in one minute with his legs crossed.

03:01 United States

Longest Time Standing On The Edge Of A Trampoline

Brayden Cross

Brayden C. stood on the edge of a trampoline for two minutes, 57.84 seconds.

01:13 South Africa

Most People Standing On A Bed Base At Once

Andries Taljaard

Andries T. led 20 people in standing on a bed base at once.

01:42 United States

Longest Head Stand While Singing "The Ballad Of Gilligan's Isle"

Kathleen Meshginpoosh

Kathleen Meshginpoosh stood on her head and sang The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle[] for one minute, 31.28 seconds. While setting the record, she intermittently blew bubbles through an egg shell.

00:08 United States

Longest Time For Three People To Stand On One Foot On A Sheet Of A4 Size Paper

Lots of

Lots and two of his friends stood on one foot on a sheet of A4 size paper for 4.27 seconds.

00:32 Belgium

Most People Standing On One Chair At Once

Dries Wellekens

Dries and seven of his friends stood on one chair at once.

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