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00:13 United States

Most Stacks Of Boards Broken In 12 Seconds By A Seven-Year-Old

Colbin Monroe

Colbin M. broke five stacks of boards in 12 seconds. He is seven years old.

00:38 Germany

Most Dice Stacked Using A Dice Cup

Maximiliano Pugliese

Maximiliano P. stacked 10 dice using a dice cup.

00:28 Germany

Fastest Time To Stack Four Dice Using A Dice Cup

Maximiliano Pugliese

Maximiliano P. stacked four dice in 1.14 seconds using a dice cup.

05:00 India

Most CDs Stacked On The Edge Of A Coin Standing Vertically On Another Coin

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur stacked 42 CDs on the edge of a coin standing vertically on another coin.

04:33 Australia

Tallest Poker Chip Tower Balanced On One Finger

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. balanced a tower of 66 poker chips on one finger.

01:42 Sweden

Most Hockey Pucks Stacked On One Hand While In A Sports Equipment Store

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund stacked 33 hockey pucks on his hand while in a sports equipment store.

01:58 Slovakia

Most CDs Stacked On A Ball In 30 Seconds

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik stacked 48 CDs on a ball in 30 seconds.

00:42 United States

Tallest Mentos Mint Tower

Courtney Strickland

Courtney S. stacked five Mentos mints in a single tower.

01:28 United States

Tallest Coffee Creamer Mini Cup Tower

Jonah Rhinehart

Jonah R. stacked 11 coffee creamer mini cups in a single tower.

00:15 United States

Fastest Time To Stack Four Jenga Blocks

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked four Jenga blocks in 0.29 second.

01:14 United States

Tallest Water Bottle Tower

Brandon Christenson

Brandon C. stacked four water bottles in a tower.

United States

Most NES Games Stacked In A Tower


Zack and Donovan stacked79 NES games in a single tower.

00:43 Australia

Most Dominoes Stacked On A Hacky Sack In 20 Seconds

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. stacked 20 dominoes on a hacky sack in 20 seconds.

01:00 United States

Most Jenga Pieces Stacked Vertically On Hand

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson stacked eight Jenga pieces vertically on his hand.

00:17 Australia

Fastest Time To Stack 10 Dominoes

Marcus Brims

Marcus Brims stacked 10 dominoes in 1.28 seconds.

03:05 Israel

Tallest Poker Chip Tower Stacked On Back Of Hand In One Minute

Deleted User

(Deleted User) stacked 45 poker chips in a tower on the back of his hand in one minute.

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