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14:38 United States

Largest Smarties (U.S.) Pyramid

Pete Moyer

Pete Moyer and Ethan Dixon built a pyramid using 8,555 Smarties candies. It weighs over six pounds and has a base layer of 26 x 26.

04:47 United States

Tallest Smarties (USA) Tower


Thomas McGinniss stacked 46 Smarties(known in Canada as Rockets and the UK as Swizzles Fizzers)in a single tower. McGinniss used the Smarties sold in the United States, not the more common chocolate version[] found around the planet.

00:49 United States

Most Consecutive Catches In Mouth Of Smarties Candy (USA) Launched By A Spoon

Shawtgun White

Shawtgun White's friend consecutively caught seven Smarties candies in his mouth that were launched using a spoon.

02:49 United States

Most Smarties And SweeTarts Fit In Mouth

Jacob Friedman

Jacob Friedman fit 74 Smarties and SweeTarts in his mouth. NOTE: Stuffing food into your mouth is dangerous and presents a choking hazard. Please make sure you have proper precautions on hand when attempting this record.

00:46 United States

Most Consecutive Smarties Tossed And Caught In Mouth

Nick Saucedo

Nick S. tossed and caught eight Smarties in his mouth.

01:38 United States

Fastest Time To Eat One Packet Of Smarties Without Using Hands

Daniel oleksy

Daniel O. ate one packet of U.S. Smarties without using his hands in 40.40 seconds. NOTE: Speed eating can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

01:26 United States

Fastest Time For Red-Headed Siblings To Eat Two Packs Of Smarties While Playing Velcro Catch

Clint Dalton

Clint Dalton and his sister, both of whom have red hair, each ate a pack of Smarties while playing Velcro Catch.

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