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00:53 United States

Most Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats Put In A Shirt Pocket

Art Hoffman

Art Hoffman put five mini Louisville Slugger baseball bats in his shirt pocket.

01:13 United States

Most Fist Bumps In One Minute While Wearing A Top Hat, A Mask And A Black Shirt

Robert Rovner

Robert and his friend completed 106 fist bumps in one minute while wearing top hats, masks, and black shirts.

00:48 United States

Most People Fit Into A T-Shirt While Listening To Paramore

Fueled By Ramen

Four members of Glamour Kills team fit themselves into a t-shirt while listening to Paramore. They set the record as part of the kickoff for Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" music video.

05:46 United States

Most Jack In The Box Tacos Fit In A Shirt

Spencer Whipple

Spencer W. fit 118 Jack In The Box tacos in his shirt.

00:35 United States

Most 360-Degree Rotations On Razor 360 In 30 Seconds While Wearing 30 Shirts

Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday completed thirteen 360-degree rotations on a Razor 360 in 30 seconds while wearing 30 shirts.

00:53 United States

Most Table Tennis Balls Thrown At A Beach Ball Inside A Shirt In 10 Seconds

Grant Pedroza

Grant's friend threw 22 table tennis balls at a beach ball inside Grant's shirt in 10 seconds.

10:08 United States

Most Pi Shirts Created In A Day

Heather Bech

Heather and her friends created 358 Pi shirts in a day.

00:35 United States

Most Googly Eyes On A T-Shirt

Charlie Cook

At the Bay to Breakers road race in San Francisco, California, Charlie Cook set a world record for Most Googly Eyes On A T-Shirt. The record was one of 40 set that day, allowing the race to set an additional record for “Most World Records Set at a Road Race.” See all 40 records at

02:45 United States

Most "Winnie the Pooh and Friends" Shirts And Jackets In A Backyard


Deb H. laid out 548 Winnie the Pooh and Friends shirts and jackets in her backyard.

09:17 United States

Longest Time Holding A Chihuahua Inside A Shirt While Wearing The Shirt

Matthew Nelson

Andrew H. held his pet chihuahua inside his shirt while wearing the shirt for nine minutes, 17.30 seconds.

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