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United States

Most Consecutive Decline Locked-Finger Push-Ups In One Minute´╗┐

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 30 consecutive decline locked-finger push-ups in one minute.


Most Push-Ups While Balancing A Soccer Ball On Nape

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik performed 52 push-ups while balancing a soccer ball on his nape.

01:09 India

Most Alternate One-Armed Push-Ups In 30 Seconds

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul performed 26 alternate one-armed push-ups in 30 seconds.

01:35 India

Most Consecutive Two-Finger Push-Ups While Carrying A 15-Kilogram Weight On Back

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul performed 5 two-finger push-ups while carrying a 15-kilogram weight on his back.

01:19 India

Most Consecutive One-Armed Push-Ups With Feet Kept Close Together

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul performed 20 consecutive one-armed push-ups with his feet kept close together.


Most Air Punches Performed In 30 Seconds While Holding A Push-Up Position

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik completed 160 air punches in 30 seconds while holding a push-up position.

00:38 Armenia

Most Consecutive Two-Finger Perfect Push-Ups

Narek Hakobyan

Narek H. performed three consecutive two-finger perfect push-ups.

01:53 India

Most Consecutive Eight-Finger Push-Ups

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul completed 69 consecutive eight-finger push-ups.

01:42 India

Most Consecutive Ipsilateral One-Arm One-Leg Knuckle Push-Ups

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul performed 11 ipsilateral one-arm one-leg knuckle push-ups.

00:55 India

Most Two-Finger And Thumb Push-Ups In 30 Seconds

Mohsin Hussain

Mohsin H. performed 41 two-finger and thumb push-ups in 30 seconds.

16:19 United States

Most Consecutive Back-Of-Hand Push-Ups In 15 Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 212 back-of-hand push-ups in 15 minutes.

01:18 India

Most Consecutive One-Armed One-Legged Two-Finger Push-Ups

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul performed 20 one-armed, one-legged two-finger push-ups.

01:52 India

Most Thumb Push-Ups In One Minute

Shifu Prabhakar Reddy

Prabhakar Reddy performed 63 thumb push-ups in one minute.


Most Consecutive Back-Of-Hand Ipsilateral One-Arm One-Leg Push-Ups

andrea pallini

Andrea P. performed five consecutive back-of-hand ipsilateral one-arm one-leg push-ups.

00:40 France

Most One-Arm One-Leg Tricep Extension Push-ups

Mathias Cazaux

Mathias C. performed six one-arm, one-leg tricep extension push-ups.

01:05 India

Most Thumb Push-Ups In 20 Seconds

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh R. completed 31 thumb push-ups in 20 seconds.

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