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03:30 Australia

Longest One-Elbow Plank With 25 Pounds Of Weight On Back

Mick Bourke

Mick Bourke performed a plank exercise using his left elbow. He performed the exercise while balancing 25 pounds of additional weight on his back and remained balanced in position for 52.90 seconds.

07:13 Canada

Fastest Time For A 60-Year-Old To Complete 200 Push-Ups

Flavio Codarin

60-year-old Flavio Codarin completed 200 push-ups in two minutes, 12.00 seconds.

01:45 France

Most 45-Degree One-Armed Push-Ups In One Minute

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume Bourgeois completed 173 45-degree one-armed push-ups in one minute.

32:40 Canada

Fastest Time For A 70-Year-Old To Complete 1000 Push-Ups

Flavio Codarin

70-year-old Flavio Codarin competed 1000 push-ups in 26 minutes, 1.00 second.

00:55 United States

Most Consecutive Push-ups While Balancing On Two Stability Balls

Tyler Decker

Tyler Decker completed 25 consecutive push-ups while balancing on two stability balls.

01:17 France

Fastest Time To Complete 60 One-Armed Push-Ups

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume B. completed 60 one-armed push-ups in 22.58 seconds.

01:08 United States

Most Push-Ups In One Minute While Wearing A Mortarboard And Listening To "Pomp And Circumstances"


Pete Moyer completed 38 push-ups in one minute. He performed the attempt while wearing a mortarboard and listening to the "Pomp and Circumstance march.

00:5 United States

Fastest Time To Complete Three Push-Ups And Juggle Three Baseballs

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed three push-ups and juggled three baseballs in 4.91 seconds.

02:03 United States

Most One-Armed Clapping Push-Ups On Each Side

Tyler Decker

Tyler Decker performed a total of 62 one-armed clapping push-ups on each side.

00:35 United States

Most Doggie Push-Ups Performed In 30 Seconds

Kim Mayes

Kim Mayes' dog performed 12 doggie push-ups in 30 seconds.

00:55 United States

Most Consecutive Two-Medicine Ball Tricep Push-Ups With An Elevated Leg In One Minute (Female)

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 25 consecutive tricep push-ups on two medicine balls in one minute with an elevated leg.

06:35 United States

Most Consecutive Egg-On-Spoon Pull-Ups With Declined One-Armed Push-Ups

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 11 pull-ups and 15 declined one-armed push-ups while balancing an egg on a spoon held in her mouth.

01:08 France

Fastest Time To Complete 100 Push-Ups On Fists

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume Bourgeois completed 100 push-ups on his fists in 30.64 seconds.

00:35 United States

Most Consecutive Push-Ups On Top Of The Continental Divide

Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca completed 25 consecutive push-ups while straddling the Continental Divide, a RecordSetter.com World Record. He completed the feat outside Pagosa Springs, Colorado, part way through a cross country bike ride.

01:15 Australia

Most Consecutive Horn Toot Push-Ups

Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips completed 50 consecutive push-ups while blowing a party horn during each push-up. The record was set at the Metropolis Fremantle nightclub during the World’s Largest Pajama Party in Perth, Australia. Dan Rollman was present to document the record. #PP01

01:10 United States

Most One-Handed Push-Ups By A 10-Year Old In 30 Seconds

Ian George Merrington

Ian George Merrington completed 37 one-handed push-ups in 30 seconds at the age of 10.

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