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United States

Most Posts On A Roblox Forum Thread

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers has a post on a Roblox forum thread containing 15,924 responses. See posts here.

00:23 United States

Most Comments On A Facebook Post In A Group

Jack Stokes

Jack and his friends commented 590,614 times on a Facebook post in a group.


Most People Looking At A Tumblr Post At Once

Dan Rollman

Dan Rollman and 23 others looked at a Tumblr post at once. The record was set at RecordSetter HQ as part of a Social Media Week event called "Let's Get Ready to Tumblr."

United States

Most Posts On The RecordSetter Forum

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham posted on the RecordSetter forum 86 times.

United States

Most Blog Posts Under A Single Blogger Account


Ktelontour has 52,938 posts under his blog account. He created the blog to document his and his wife's trips around the world. NOTE: This is an evolving record. Please see blog to view current number of posts.

00:32 United States

Most Shared Facebook Post By An Individual

Pratheek J

Pratheek's Facebook post was shared 53 times on Facebook.

02:03 India

Longest Time For An Eleven-Year-Old To Hold A Peacock Pose

Indrajeet Nagar

Indrajeet N. held a peacock pose for one minute, 32.18 seconds. He is 11 years old.


Most "Shared" Facebook Photo

Information Nigeria

Information Nigeria made a Facebook post that has had 1,087,982 “shares”. NOTE: This is an evolving record. Please visit post to check current number of shares.

03:24 Australia

Longest Time Hanging From An Australian Regulation Football Goal Post

Jordan Dee

Jordan D. hung from an Australian regulation football goal post using his arms for three minutes.

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