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01:32 United States

Fastest Time To Spell Out The Word "Noodles" Using Noodles

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson spelled out "noodles" using noodles in one minute, 8.50 seconds.

09:36 Canada

Fewest Rifle Shots To Hit A Spaghetti Noodle From 50 Yards Away

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman fired three shots with a .22-caliber rifle, hitting a spaghetti noodle from 50 yards away. NOTE: Shooting is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

00:27 United States

Fastest Time To Eat A Pot of Pot Noodle

Travis Mizejewski

Travis Mizejewski ate a pot of Pot Noodles in 6.30 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

23:59 Japan

Most Expensive Soba Dish

Groupon Japan

Online marketplace Groupon Japan partnered with Chef Mario Frittoli in creating the most expensive soba dish. The dish contains the finest high-quality ingredients including Hokkaido soba flour, lobster, Beluga caviar, sea urchin, tomato, avocado, Ouma tuna belly, gold leaf, Japanese seaweed, and 30-year-old balsamic vinegar. The soba dish currently retails at 270,000 Japanese Yen, approximately $2,200.00.

33:58 United States

Most Uncooked Spaghetti Noodles Held In One Hand At Once

Elijah Abad

Elijah A. held 1,583 uncooked spaghetti noodles in his hand at once.

01:23 United States

Longest Macaroni Noodle Necklace

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller and her friends constructed a macaroni noodle necklace that measures seven feet, six inches in length.

01:05 England

Most People Touching A Chicken And Mushroom Pot Noodle While Listening To "U Can't Touch This"

Nicky Wilkinson

Nicky Wilkinson led 10 people in touching a chicken and mushroom pot noodle while listening to U Can't Touch This.

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