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01:26 Canada

Longest Conga Line In A Public Library


64 people from Strathmore Municipal Library danced in a conga line.

01:59 United States

Largest Group Hug In A School Library

Canyon Crest Academy PALs

191 people from Canyon Crest Academy joined together for a group hug at their school library.

00:06 Canada

Most Hand Puppets In A Public Library To Say "I Love The Library!" At Once


50 people with hand puppets from Strathmore Municipal Library said "I love the library" at once.

01:30 United States

Most Librarians Riding A Roller Coaster At Once

Steve Hrubes

Twelve librarians from the New Jersey Library Association rode the El Toro roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. They set the record to break the stereotype that librarians are introverted and timid shushers and to help foster a better understanding of what librarians are like.

00:44 United States

Most Students Taking Selfies In A Library

Tracy Bottiglieri

School Principal Joan Benz led 58 students from Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland to simultaneously take selfies in a library. They set the record in recognition of National Book Month.

02:39 England

Most Books Date Stamped In A Public Library In One Minute


Dave G. led three of his friends in date stamping 51 books in one minute at Beverley Library in Yorkshire, England. They set the record to celebrate National Libraries Day.

01:27 England

Most Christmas Crackers Pulled In One Minute In A Public Library


Dave G. led his friends Alex and Angela in pulling 49 Christmas crackers in one minute at Beverley Library in Yorkshire, England. They set the record to celebrate National Libraries Day.

05:06 England

Fastest Time To Check In A Shopping Cart Full Of Books At A Public Library


Dave G. checked in a shopping cart full of library books in four minutes, 21.17 seconds. He set the record as part of a series of events that are taking place in memory of Rob Brown, to raise mental health awareness and money for the Mind Charity. Learn more here.


Most Nintendo DS Cases Balanced On Head In A Public Library

Mary Beth Graham

Mary Beth Graham of the Circulation Department at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library[] balanced 10Nintendo DS cases on her head. [#TFML01][]

00:14 United States

Most People Saying "Anaconda Squeeze" In A Public Library

Thomas Ford Memorial Library

Led by Jake Fisher and William Stankey, patrons of theThomas Ford Memorial Library[] set a world record for the most people saying “Anaconda Squeeze” in a public library. In total, 24 people participated. [#TFML01][]

01:58 United States

Most Readers' Advisory Books Held In One Hand In A Public Library

Rick Roche

Rick Roche, head of Adult Services at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library[], held 10 Readers’ Advisory (RA) books, and tells why he chose them. [#TFML01][]

02:45 United States

Most Cardigans Worn At Once By A Librarian In A Public Library

Heidi Beazley

A librarian named Heidi Beazley put on 12 cardigans at Thomas Ford Memorial Library[]. [#TFML01][]


Tallest Golf Pencil Tower In A Public Library

Doug Grasty

Doug Grasty built a golf pencil tower 75 levels in height at theThomas Ford Memorial Library[]. [#TFML01][]

01:15 United States

Heaviest Book Shelved On The Top Shelf In A Public Library By A Page Less Than 4'8" Tall

Thomas Ford Memorial Library

Library page Mary Baker shelved a book weighing 9.6 pounds on the top shelf at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library. [#TFML01][]

06:27 England

Most Pencils Laid End To End In A Public Library


Dave G. laid 1,220 pencils end to end in Beverley Library in Yorkshire, England. He set the record to celebrate National Libraries Day. Oxford University Press provided the pencils he used for the attempt.

02:16 United States

Largest Group Reading A Poem At A Library At Once

CPH Library

A total of 173 people read a poem at a library at once. The record was part of the Summer Reading Program at CPH Library in Clifton Park, New York.

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