Largest World Records

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03:09 United States

Largest Cancer Ribbon Cake

Jacob Betts

Jacob Betts and theHLUMCRelay For Life team baked a pink cancer awareness ribbon cake measuring eight feet long.

01:22 United States

Largest Group To Roll Their Tongues

Synergy Youth

Forty-eight people from Synergy Youth Ministry rolled their tongues.

01:15 United States

Largest Group To Recite All 50 U.S. States In Alphabetical Order

iD Tech Camps Arizona State University

A total of 29 student campers from iD Tech Camps at Arizona State University[] recited all50 US statesin alphabetical order. [#iDTech][]


Largest Human Smiley Face

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

2,961 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community joined together to make a smiley face, a World Record. The diameter of the smiley face was 140 feet and the eyes had a diameter of 15 feet.

05:28 United States

Largest Kooky Pen Collection

Jason Eddlemon

Jason E. has 511 Kooky Pens in his collection.

41:53 India

Largest Painting Created By Mouth

Suvodeep Chatterjee

Suvodeep Chatterjee created the 896 square feet, 35 feet by 25.6 feet, “Save The World”, a multi colored painting in acrylic paint, using only his mouth. Learn more about the feat here.

03:32 United States

Largest Chinese Dumpling

Zhaohui Wang

Zhaohui Wang and her friends made a 3.25 pound Chinese dumpling which measures 15 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.

00:50 United States

Largest Nickel Pyramid


Krushrpants built a nickel triangle using 780 nickels.


Most People In A Room

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli and 196 others were in the Coding Soundtrack room at once.

00:28 United States

Largest Group Of People Making Silly Faces

iD Tech Camps Princeton University

A total of 89 student campers from [iD Tech Camps at Princeton ][] made silly faces. [ ][] [#iDTech][ ] [iD Tech Camps at Princeton ]: [ ]: search/IDTech

00:39 India

Largest Collection Of Valid Credit Cards

shubham gupta

Shubham G. has seven valid credit cards in his collection.

00:10 United States

Largest Snapple Bottle Collection

Josh Sinyard

Josh S. has 271 Snapple bottle in his collection.


Largest Pre-Chewed Bubble Gum Ball

Blake DeLlacer

Blake DeLlacer made a ball of gum containing 720 pre-chewed pieces of bubble gum.

01:19 United States

Largest Origami Magic Ball


James Anderson created an origami magic ball that is 128 square feet (8 ft. x 16 ft.) in size.

01:55 India

Largest Pencil Drawing

Ashok Nagpure

Ashok Nagpure created a pencil drawing about the biography of Indian film pioneer Dadasaheb Phalke. The drawing measures 8 feet in height and 324 feet in length. It took him 7.2 months to complete the whole drawing and it is currently displayed in Nashik, India.

08:40 United States

Largest Group To Travel From London, England To Brighton, England On Unicycles

Geoff Bond

Geoff Bond and eight of his unicyclist friends traveled 56 miles from London to Brighton on their unicycles.

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