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13:59 India

Largest Group Of Female Students Writing Essays

Ninad Jadhav

A total of 254 female students of Govt. Girls H.S. School - Chandametta (M.P.) participated in essay writing competition conducted by Narayanrao Bahuddeshiya Education Society, Nagpur, India. They wrote essays about women's empowerment at once. They set the record during the United Nations' 1st International Day of the Girl.

01:09 United States

Largest Group Of People Dressed As Cartoon Characters In A Parade

Kade Hill

Kade Hill led 89 students from the Maine Arts Camp in a parade while dressed as cartoon characters.

02:01 Poland

Largest Group One-Minute Thumbs Up

Foundation Lilia

A total of 826 people from Fundacja Lilia performed a thumbs-up at the same time, keeping their thumbs up for one minute.

04:24 India

Largest Sketch Pen Mosaic (Male)

spkschools namakkal

A. Srinath from SPK Schools in Namakkal, India created a sketch pen mosaic measuring 5.5 meters wide and 5 meters long. Dr. S.Prabu Kumar, chairman of the school institution, organized the record.

16:22 United States

Heaviest Fish Caught With A Pen Fishing Rod

John Chlarson

John Chlarson caught a 21-pound carp using a Pen Fishing Rod. The fishing rod has telescoping reel that begins at 8 inches in length, but extends to 30 inches when in use.The fish itself measures 30 inches in length and has a 24 inch girth.

06:46 United States

Heaviest Human In A Homemade Pinata

Todd DeFazio

250-pounder Todd DeFazio wore a homemade pinata suit.

00:9 United States

Largest "Giraffe Whip"

James Haggerty

James Haggerty and six of his friends performed the Giraffe Whip trick while riding on their giraffe unicycles.

00:31 Australia

Largest "House Of Cards" Using Travel Brochures

BYOkids ...your family travel gurus

A member of BYOkids made a house of cards using 17 travel brochures.

00:57 United States

Largest "Loom-A-Thon"

Kara Raffia

Kara R. led 109 people in using looms at once. The group made a total of 500 bracelets, which were donated to people in a hospital. They set the record as part of their "Loom-A-Thon" event in Enfield, Connecticut.

00:45 United States

Largest "Sand" Written On Sand

Jeremiah Eldredge

Jeremiah E. wrote the word "sand" on sand, measuring 8.50 meters long.

01:00 United States

Largest 3D Cup Pyramid Built By Girls

iD Tech Camps Stanford University

Female students from iD Tech Camps at Stanford University built a 3D pyramid using 84 plastic cups.

00:57 India

Largest Acrylic Photo Frame Key Chain Collection


Rakesh Vaid has 4,444 acrylic photo frame key chains in his collection. His designs included photos of different flags, international leaders, and Hollywood celebrities.

15:03 England

Largest All-Female Biker Meet


A total of 1,132 women attended the Largest All-Female Biker Meet.

03:08 England

Largest All-Female Grand Prix Track Parade


Sherrie Woolf, Nimisha Patel and 211 other female bikers paraded on their motorcycles at a Grand Prix track. They set the record during the MotoGP race weekend.

01:16 United States

Largest Aluminum Foil Boat

Caroline Glaser

Caroline Glaser and her friends constructed a boat made out of aluminum foil that measures 24 inches in length and 14 inches in width.

02:34 United States

Largest American Flag In Survival Mode Of "Minecraft"

Bryan Lenz

Bryan L. created a replica of the American Flag in Survival mode of Minecraft measuring 130 blocks in width and 247 blocks in length.

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