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00:58 India

Most Knuckle Card Cuts Performed In 30 Seconds While Holding A 5-Pound Exercise Plate On Pinky And A 15-Pound Exercise Plate On Index Finger

Kamal Aslam

Kamal Aslam performed 10 Knuckle card cuts in 30 seconds while holding a 5-pound exercise plate on his pinky finger and a 15-pound exercise plate on his index finger.

02:43 Bangladesh

Most Knuckle Push-Ups With One Leg Raised In One Minute While Carrying An 18-Kilogram Weight On Back

hanzala musa

Hanzala Musa performed 31 knuckle push-ups with one leg raised in one minute while carrying an 18-kilogram weight on his back.

02:01 United States

Most Knuckle Rolls In One Minute With A Playing Card And An Eisenhower Silver Dollar

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed 10 knuckle rolls in one minute alternating between a playing card and an Eisenhower silver dollar.

01:28 India

Most Left-Knuckle Superman Push-Ups In 25 Seconds With One Leg Raised And One Arm Holding A 5-Kilogram Dumbbell While Carrying A 5-Kilogram Weight On Back

Rajesh Kumar Bagari

Rajesh K. performed 16 left-knuckle superman push-ups in 25 seconds with his one leg raised and one arm holding a 5-kilogram dumbbell. He carried a 5-kiogram weight plate on his back for duration of attempt.

01:18 India

Fastest Time For A 15-Year-Old To Perform 47 Knuckle Push-Ups

Mohsin Hussain

Mohsin H. performed 47 knuckle push-ups in 36.68 seconds.

00:15 United States

Fastest Time To Complete 10 Knuckle Push-Ups And 10 Catches Juggling Three Balls

Nate Tower

Nate T. completed 10 push-ups on knuckles and 10 catches juggling three balls in 10.50 seconds.

00:35 India

Fastest Time To Complete 50 Knuckle Push-Ups By A Five-Year Old Boy

Ronak Vitha

Five-year-old Ronak Vitha completed 50 knuckle push-ups in 35.23 seconds.

01:45 The Internet

Longest Knuckle Handstand On Concrete

Finn Williams

Finn Williams performed a handstand on his knuckles on the concrete floor of his basement for one minute, 25.09 seconds.

04:43 Sweden

Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On Knuckle

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund spun a fidget spinner on his knuckle for four minutes, 10.15 seconds.

01:14 India

Most "Knuckle" Card Cuts In One Minute

Kamal Aslam

Kamal A. performed 24 Knuckle card cuts in one minute.

15:31 United States

Most Consecutive Bare Knuckle Push-Ups In 15 Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 326 bare knuckle push-ups in 15 minutes.

00:11 The Internet

Most Consecutive Full Extension Knuckle Push-Ups

Adel Khalil

Adel K. performed 10 full extension knuckle push-ups.

01:42 India

Most Consecutive Ipsilateral One-Arm One-Leg Knuckle Push-Ups

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul performed 11 ipsilateral one-arm one-leg knuckle push-ups.

05:52 United States

Most Consecutive Knuckle Push-Ups On A Concrete Floor

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 160 consecutive knuckle push-ups on a concrete floor.

01:55 United States

Most Consecutive Knuckle Push-Ups On A Rock Bed

Nate Tower

Nate T. performed 58 knuckle push-ups on a rock bed.

01:28 India

Most Consecutive One-Arm One-Leg Knuckle Push-Ups On Concrete Floor

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh Rejaul completed 25 one-arm one-leg knuckle push-ups on a concrete floor.

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