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04:26 United States

Most Sports Jerseys Worn At Once


Tom wore 17 sports jerseys at once.

01:24 United States

Most Hockey Jerseys Worn At Once

Zachary C

Zachary C. wore 11 hockey jerseys at once.

00:28 United States

Fastest Time To Name All 32 NFL Teams While Wearing An NFL Jersey

Sam Lobuzzetta

Sam L. recited the names of all 32 NFL teams in 22.73 seconds while wearing an NFL jersey.

United States

Largest Collection Of Jerseys From Different Professional Sports Teams In A Single State

Eric Cartman-Eswein

Durham Bulls, Fayetteville Fireantz, Raleigh IceCaps, Carolina Hurricanes, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets amp; Charlotte Bobcats.

00:47 United States

Longest Staring Contest By Siblings Wearing Soccer Jerseys

Meredith Jeter

Meredith Jeter and her brother had a staring contest that lasted 29.2 seconds. They held the contest while wearing soccer jerseys.

01:33 United States

Largest Tampa Bay Rays Jersey Collection

Rob Holecko

Rob Holecko currently has nine Tampa Bay Rays jerseys in his collection.

United States

Largest Collection Of Jerseys From Professional Minor League Sports Teams

Ben Cunliffe

Ben Cunliffe has three minor legue sports team jerseys in his collection. He has jerseys from theDurham Bulls, Charlotte Checkers, and Fayetteville Fireantz.

05:20 United States

Fastest Time For Two People To Each Eat Four Packet Salads With One Wearing A Graduation Gown And The Other Wearing A Steve Francis Jersey

Dan DeLoof

Dan DeLoof and his friend ate four packet salads each in one minute, 55.97 seconds. One record setter wore a graduation gown while the other wore a Steve Francis jersey.

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