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05:42 Australia

Most Jenga Blocks Balanced On A Single Die


Royce Martin balanced 54 Jenga blocks on one die.

00:15 United States

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Jenga Block

Joshua W

Joshua W. bounced a table tennis ball 24 times on a Jenga block.

00:46 Israel

Tallest Jenga Tower Stacked On A Jenga Block Held In Mouth

Deleted User

(Deleted User) stacked eight Jenga blocks on a Jenga block held in his mouth.

00:50 Israel

Longest Time Balancing A Stack Of Five Jenga Blocks On Elbow

Deleted User

(Deleted User) balanced a stack of five Jenga blocks on his elbow for 25.59 seconds.

01:29 Israel

Tallest Jenga Block Tower Stacked On Elbow In One Minute

Deleted User

(Deleted User) stacked 11 Jenga blocks in a tower on his elbow in one minute.

00:53 Israel

Tallest Jenga Block Tower Stacked On A Die Held In Hand

Deleted User

(Deleted User) stacked five Jenga blocks on a die held in his hand.

01:43 Scotland

Tallest Wall-Assisted Vertical Jenga Block Tower

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. built a wall-assisted vertical Jenga block tower using 30 blocks.

00:29 United States

Most Treats Balanced On A Dog's Nose

John Lucido

John L. balanced 55 dog treats on Mia's nose.

06:21 United States

Most Jenga Blocks Removed From A Jenga Block Tower Using A Whip

April Choi

April C. removed seven blocks from a Jenga block tower using a whip.

02:48 Scotland

Most DVD Cases Stacked On Top Of Two Vertically Stacked Jenga Blocks

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. stacked 21 DVD cases on top of two vertically stacked Jenga blocks.

03:40 United States

Most Seven-Block Jenga Towers Made In Three Minutes

Vito O.

Vito made six 7-block Jenga towers in three minutes.

00:07 Scotland

Fastest Time To Make A Three-Layer Jenga Block Pyramid

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. made a three-layer Jenga block pyramid in 1.03 seconds.

01:16 Scotland

Most Jenga Blocks Stacked Vertically On A Basketball Placed On A Plastic Cup

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. stacked seven Jenga blocks vertically on a basketball placed on a plastic cup.

02:29 Scotland

Tallest Jenga Block Tower Stacked Vertically On A Plastic Cup

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. stacked 13 Jenga blocks vertically on a plastic cup.

00:15 United States

Fastest Time To Stack Four Jenga Blocks

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked four Jenga blocks in 0.29 second.

00:50 Scotland

Longest Jenga Block Domino Chain

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. created a domino chain using 86 Jenga blocks and successfully made the entire chain topple.

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