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01:04 England

Most 360-Degree Keepie Uppie Turns While Hopping

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed nine 360-degree keepie uppie turns while hopping.

03:10 India

Fastest Time To Hop Backwards 40 Meters With One Leg While Holding A 40-Kilogram Weight With Mouth

Mariappan Palanichamy

Mariappan Palanichamy hopped backwards 40 meters on one leg in 17.50 seconds while holding a 40-kilogram weight with his mouth.

13:47 Australia

Longest Time Hopping On One Leg On A Trampoline

Jackie Taylor

Record Setter hopped on one leg on a trampoline for 13 minutes, 30.00 seconds.

00:55 Canada

Most People Hopping On One Foot While Balancing A Popsicle Stick On Fingers


Nine people from the Summer Reading Program in Alberta, Canada hopped on one foot while balancing popsicle sticks on their fingers.

02:26 India

Largest Hopping Race

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

546 students at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation in Coimbatore, India participated in a hopping race.

05:14 United States

Fastest 100-Yard One-Foot Hop On Grass

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber hopped 100 yards on grass in 28.27 seconds using one foot.

02:09 United States

Longest Time Hopping On One Leg While Holding A Jell-O Cup

Tina Jones

Tina J. led a kid in hopping on one leg for two minutes, 1.14 seconds while holding a Jell-O cup.

01:02 United States

Most Times Saying "It's Better With Butter" While Hopping On One Foot and Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball On Alternate Sides Of A Paddle

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey said “It’s Better With Butter” 49 times while hopping on one foot and bouncing a table tennis ball on alternate sides of a paddle.

01:57 Dominican Republic

Longest Line Of People Hopping Three Times On One Foot

Carol Morgan School

77 8th grade students fromCarol Morgan School in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic formed a single file line and hopped three times on one foot.


Most Single-Foot Jumps In 30 Seconds

Robert Duran

Robert Duran jumped 117 times on one foot in 30 seconds. The record was set at Angel Stadium of Anaheim during an event sponsored byPower Balance.RecordSetterco-founder Corey Henderson was present to oversee and adjudicate record. #PB01

01:19 United States

Longest Time To Juggling Three Rubik's Cubes While Hopping On One Foot, Holding A Clementine In Mouth, Wearing A Fake Mustache And Sleep Mask And Listening To "Rage Against The Machine"

Téo Gallego-Albertos

Teo Gallego-Albertos juggled three Rubik's Cubes while hopping on one foot, holding a clementine in his mouth, wearing a fake mustache and sleep mask and listening to Rage Against the Machine for 20.13 seconds.

04:57 United States

Largest Group Of People Entering A Talent Show While Hopping On One Foot


A total of 51 people entered the 2012 Capuchin Outreach Program Talent Show while hopping on one foot. The program was sponsored by Capuchin Youth & Family Ministries.

00:37 United States

Fastest Time To Hop 20 Meters With A Tennis Ball Between Toes

Paul Burleigh

Paul Burleigh hopped 20 meters with a tennis ball between his toes in 12.5 seconds.

00:15 United States

Most Hops On A Pogo Stick While Wearing Kangaroo Shoes

Logan Day

Logan D. hopped on a pogo stick four times while wearing kangaroo shoes.

00:56 India

Most Hops With One Leg Behind Head

Sagar A

Sagar A. placed one leg behind his head and hopped 86 times.

02:33 United States

Most One-Legged Moon Shoe Hops In One Minute

Lucy Harrell

Lucy H. completed 107 one-legged Moon Shoe hops in one minute.

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