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00:33 United States

Heaviest Deadlift From 17 Inches

Clint Poore

Clint Poore performed a 555-pound deadlift from a height of 17 inches.

00:49 United States

Heaviest Deadlift Using Conventional Stance (Athlete Under 125 Lbs.)

Nick Gilmore

Nick G. performed a conventional stance deadlift using a barbell weighing 400 pounds. His body weight during the attempt was under 125 pounds.

01:27 Sweden

Heaviest Deadlift Using Index Fingers (Athlete Over 50 Years Old)

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund performed a deadlift with a barbell weighing 70 kilograms using both of his index fingers. He is over 50 years old.

United States

Heaviest Dog Lifted On The RecordSetter Book Tour

Art Hoffman

Art Hoffman lifted his dog Chenji, who weighs 69.4 pounds during a stop on the RecordSetter book tour.

00:38 United States

Heaviest Dumbbell "Clean And Jerk"


MightySaxon performed a Clean and Jerk, lifting a 170-pound dumbbell.

00:22 United States

Heaviest Dumbbell "Clean" (Athlete Under 200 Lbs.)


MightySaxon performed a 120-pound dumbbell clean. His body weight during the attempt was 198.41 pounds.

00:53 Sweden

Heaviest Dumbbell Balanced On Top Of An Eight-Kilogram Fixed Dumbbell On Palm

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund balanced a 30-kilogram dumbbell on top of an eight-kilogram fixed dumbbell on his palm.

00:32 Sweden

Heaviest Dumbbell Curled While Juggling Two Tennis Balls

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund curled a dumbbell weighing 25 kilograms while juggling two tennis balls.

00:23 Sweden

Heaviest Dumbbell Inclined Bench Press (Athlete Over 45 Years Old)

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy performed inclined bench press reps using two dumbbells weighing a total of 138.4 pounds. He is over 45 years old.

00:44 United States

Heaviest Fire Truck Harness Pull

Omega Force

Randy Richey of The Omega Force Strength Team pulled a 36,000-pound fire truck loaded with 16,000 pounds of water a distance of over 50 feet using a harness. The weight was verified by the local Burkesville Kentucky Fire Department. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

00:56 United States

Heaviest Flaming Cinder Block Suspended On Ears

Corey Ridge

Corey R. suspended a flaming 24-pound cinder block on his ears. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt man. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

00:30 United States

Heaviest Giant Log Squat

Omega Force

Randy Richey of the Omega Force Strength Team performed a 1000-pound giant wooden log squat. He set the record during the Jacksonville Festival in Scottsville, Kentucky.

00:53 United States

Heaviest Giant Tire Deadlift (Athlete Under 235 Lbs.)

Clint Poore

Clint Poore performed a 660-pound giant tire deadlift. Clint's body weight during the attempt was 234 pounds.

00:50 United States

Heaviest Hackenschmidt Floor Press

Clint Poore

Clint Poore performed a Hackenschmidt floor press with a 445-pound weight.

00:22 Canada

Heaviest Hammer Strength Seated Row

ryan brown

Ryan Brown used a total of 1,050 pounds of weight in performing a hammer strength seated row.

00:33 Sweden

Heaviest Handle Deadlift (Junior)

Noa Ohlund

Noa O. performed a handle deadlift using two weight plates that weighs a total of 50 kilos. He is seven years old.

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