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02:46 United States

Most Winter Hats Worn At Once

Geni Streble

Geni S. wore 20 winter hats at once.

12:13 United States

Longest Time Butterflying While Wearing A Hat And Sitting On A Scooter

Mariah Riese

Mariah R. butterflied for 12 minutes, 1.45 seconds while wearing a hat and sitting on a scooter.

02:21 The Internet

Most People Wearing Decorated Hats In A Conga Line

Paul Stanfield

On September 28, 80 North London residents, many over the age of 70 with walking sticks and in wheelchairs, wore decorated hats while forming a conga line. Paul Stanfield, Claremont, and volunteers from international law firm Slaughter and May organized the event. They set the record to raise money and awareness for the London Charity - Claremont, an organization that builds community and tackles loneliness in older life. Granny hip hop artist Ida Barr and Deputy Mayor of Islington, Cllr Theresa Debono, were present to witness the attempt.

01:32 United States

Longest Time Jumping Rope While Wearing A Headcrab Hat

Debra Emory

Debra E. jumped rope for 26.73 seconds while wearing a headcrab hat.

00:47 England

Most Tangerines Fitted Into A Santa Hat And Worn

Paul (Pabs) Melia

Paul's friend, Jake, fitted 10 tangerines into a santa hat and afterwards wore the hat. He set the record at Redi X, a youth project for teenagers in Bootle, UK.

01:37 Belgium

Most Axe Cans Fit Inside A Hat


Joseph Nagy fit 10 Axe cans inside a hat.

01:40 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Baseball Cap On Nose While Sitting

Ross Branson

Ross B. balanced a baseball cap on his nose for one minute, 32.09 seconds while sitting.

00:33 The Internet

Most Baseball Caps Worn Backwards While Riding A Bicycle

Mason Carter

Mason C. wore a stack of 15 baseball caps backwards while riding a bicycle.

00:31 Canada

Most Hats Stacked On A Taxidermied Fish's Head In 30 Seconds


5smashley5 stacked five hats on a taxidermied fish's head in 30 seconds.

01:43 India

Largest Group Of Students Wearing Birthday Hats Made From Recycled Paper

Ninad Jadhav

A total of 313 students from Sant Chavara National Academy in Chhindwara, India wore birthday hats made from recycled paper. They set the record to promote recycling.

02:27:44 United States

Most Fist Bumps In One Minute While Wearing A Winter Hat, A Mask and Petting A Stuffed Animal

Luke Bobinski

Luke and his friend completed 91 fist bumps while wearing winter hats, masks and petting their stuffed animals.

00:38 The Internet

Most Pipe Cleaners Attached To A Hat


Ellie attached 100 pipe cleaners to her hat.

01:13 The Internet

Most Fist Bumps In One Minute While Wearing A Top Hat, A Mask And A Black Shirt

Robert Rovner

Robert and his friend completed 106 fist bumps in one minute while wearing top hats, masks, and black shirts.

01:16 Australia

Longest Time Balancing A Fedora On One Finger While Standing On A Basketball


Brendan Kelbie balanced a fedora on one finger for 29.00 seconds while standing on a basketball.

01:48 Australia

Tallest Juggling Ball Tower Stacked On A Fedora Hat


WoofDeadBang stacked four juggling balls on a fedora hat.

00:16 United States

Fastest Time To Put On Four Sparkly Hats

Anna Sosnovske

Anna S. put on four sparkly hats in 2.60 seconds.

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