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01:22 Canada

Most Passes Of A Pumpkin Between Hands In 30 Seconds

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman passed a four-pound pumpkin from one hand to the other 141 times in 30 seconds.

00:32 India

Most Times Tossing A Lemon Between Both Hands In 30 Seconds

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur tossed a lemon 170 times between both of his hands in 30 seconds.


Most Times Punching A 15-Kilogram Weight Plate In One Minute

Toseef Hanif

Toseef H. punched a 15-kilogram weight plate 18 times in one minute.

00:29 United States

Most Consecutive Trampoline Back Flips With Hands Behind Back

Caleb Serban-Lawler

Caleb S. performed 19 consecutive back flips on a trampoline with his hands behind his back.

01:32 United States

Most Myachi Tosses Through A Juggling Ring Being Held In Mouth In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 16 consecutive Myachi tosses passing through a juggling ring being held in his mouth in 30 seconds.

01:47 United States

Most Double-Handed High-Fives In One Minute

Jason O'Brien

Brad Magnusson and Andrew Chiccinislapped 393 double-handed high fives in one minute.

01:04 United States

Most One-Handed High Fives Between Two People With Eyes Closed

laurel cadena

Laurel and her friend completed 308 high fives with their eyes closed.

01:01:57 United States

Most High Fives Between Two People In One Hour


C+F led two people to exchange 10,814 high fives in one hour. They set the record to celebrate Seattle's affordable parking option.

01:19 United States

Most Alternating Claps Between Legs In One Minute

Brian Hoffman

Brian H. completed 150 alternating claps between his legs in one minute.

01:35:55 United States

Longest No-Handed Bicycle Wheelie

Rodney Hines

Rodney H. performed a bicycle wheelie for one hour, 30 minutes without holding the handlebars. He traveled a total of 16 miles.

00:36 United States

Fastest Time To Eat One Packet Of Smarties Without Using Hands

Chris Jorritsma

Chris J. ate one packet of U.S. Smarties without using his hands in 20.93 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

02:01 Australia

Fastest Time To Complete 20 Incrementing Catches Of Two Tennis Balls In Alternating Hands

Peter Craig

Peter Craig juggled two tennis balls in alternating hands while incrementing the number of catches in each hand from one to 20 in one minute, 14.00 seconds.

00:58 Slovakia

Longest Hand Whistle Using Someone Else's Hands

Zuzana Zacharová

Zuzana Z. released a whistle through someone else's hands lasting 30.97 seconds.

00:37 United States

Longest Time To Balance A Bowling Ball On Top Of A Bowling Ball Using Two Hands

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced a 10-pound bowling ball over the top of an 8-pound bowling ball using two hands for 5.26 seconds.

01:43 India

Longest Time Holding A Lotus Pose While Balancing Using Hands

Suresh Gaur

Suresh G. held a lotus pose while balancing on his hands for one minute, 39.14 seconds.

00:05 Australia

Fastest Time Standing On A Trampoline Without Using Hands

Jordan Lambiris

Jordan L. stood up from a prone position on a trampoline without using his hands in 1.21 seconds.

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