Group World Records

Group world records are where teams of friends, coworkers, family members or even strangers get together to achieve more than they could accomplish alone. Groups have collaborated to dance, play music, pull off ambitious sporting endeavors and tell cancer to take a hike, among a flurry of other feats.

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01:24 England

Most Lip Prints Collected To Form A Kissing Petition

Sapphira (Priscilla Silcock)

Sapphira collected 32 lip prints to form a kissing petition. She set the record to raise awareness about female empowerment through self-expression.

01:22 England

Most People Leaping On A Leap Day

Tim Coates

Tim and 42 of his friends leaped at once on a leap day.

04:36 United States

Most Reusable Bags Made From T-Shirts In 48 Hours

Sarah Chessman

Sarah C. led people in Tacoma, Washington in making 359 reusable bags from t-shirts. They set the record to promote recycling.

04:59 United States

Longest Glowstick Chain

Alana London

Students, staff, and community members of Brookman Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada created a chain using 20,808 glow sticks. Each glow stick represented a book that a student read and tested at 80% or higher.

00:18 South Africa

Fastest Time For 127 People To Pull A 16,400-Kilogram Fire Truck 1.6 Kilometers

Mari Macnamara

Mari Macnamara led 127 people in pulling a 16,400-kilogram fire truck 1.6 kilometers in 20 minutes, 7.00 seconds.

00:45 United States

Most People Walked Over While Juggling Five Lit Torches

Cool Juggler

CoolJuggler walked over five people while juggling five lit fire torches. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt performer. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

01:43:47 Australia

Most People Painting Plein Air At Once In One Venue


156 participants of "Painting by the Lake" event painted plein air at once in Long Jetty, Australia. The event was hosted by the Central Coast Watercolour Society Inc.

06:37 United States

Most Ice Cream Sandwiches Eaten By Two People In Five Minutes

Wesley Tansey

Wesley and his friend ate a combined 27 ice cream sandwiches in five minutes. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

01:38 United States

Most Hammocks Suspended From A Tree

Clearwater Student Ministries

Members of Clearwater Student Ministries in Clearwater, Florida suspended 32 hammocks from a tree at once.

02:33 United States

Largest Group To Play "Frosty The Snowman" On Kazoos

ShadowGlen Elementary

804 students from ShadowGlen Elementary School in Manor, Texas played Frosty the Snowman on kazoos.

01:04 United States

Most Times Passing A Magic 8-Ball Around Four People In 30 Seconds

George Thompson

Phoenix Academy students Ayana, Kaitlyn, Jaymee, and Grace passed a Magic 8-Ball around each other 48 times in 30 seconds. They set the record as part of their World Record Day.

00:55 United States

Largest Global Lightsaber Battle


Newmindspace, Lightsaber Academy, Golden Gate Knights, and Jacob Privette organized the largest global lightsaber battle. In a 24-hour period, a total of 9,951 people joined events and battled in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Provo, Utah.

00:00 Singapore

Largest Human Heart Formation

Jodie Chan

1,800 athletes and members of One Team Singapore formed a heart design using their bodies. They set the record during the 8th ASEAN Para Games to show inclusiveness and support for disability sports.

03:02 Switzerland

Largest Group Sitting On A Bench Wearing Orange T-Shirts

Rebecca Pignot

Rebecca P. led 414 people in sitting on one long bench at once while wearing orange t-shirts. They set the record to support the United Nations' 16 days of activism to counter violence against women.

06:03 Canada

Most People Participating In A Weed-Pull Activity To Remove Invasive Plants

Shannon Wagner

Shannon W. led 848 people to participate in a weed-pull activity to remove invasive plants on one of Coquitlam's Parks, Mundy Park. They set the record to clean the park from plants that destroy habitat for fishes, birds, and other wildlife. Species removed during this event included English ivy, yellow lamium, Himalayan blackberry and periwinkle. Plants were removed via hand pulling and digging out of the roots.

00:44 United States

Highest Number Counted To Chronologically In A Facebook Comment Thread

Peyton Moore

Peyton M. counted to 1,080 chronologically on a Facebook Status Comment thread.

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