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United States

Most Times Pressing A Button On A Gaming Controller In 10 Seconds

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins pressed a button 87 times on a gaming controller in 10 seconds.

01:09 United States

Most Consecutive Jump Rope Jumps With A GameCube Controller


JK jumped rope using the cord of a GameCube controller 84 times.

00:18 Sweden

Most Spacebar Presses In Five Seconds

br3k3r baret

Br3k3r Baret pressed the spacebar 79 times in five seconds. He used the Press The Spacebar 2000 game application to achieve the feat.

00:57 United States

Most Back Flips On A BMX Bike In "Grand Theft Auto V: Online"

Andrew Brownlee

Andrew B. performed five back flips on a BMX bike in Grand Theft Auto V: Online.

00:17 United States

Most Spacebar Presses In 10 Seconds

Andrew Albin

Andrew A. pressed the spacebar 145 times in 10 seconds. He used the Press The Spacebar 2000 game application to achieve the feat.

00:50 United States

Most Spacebar Presses In 20 Seconds


Brady pressed the spacebar 227 times in 20 seconds. He used the Press The Spacebar 2000 game application to achieve the feat.

03:09 England

Most Consecutive Times To Complete "Doing Things The Hard Way" Game


Mtcoxygen completed Doing Things The Hard Way 15 consecutive times.

03:08 England

Most Consecutive Times To Complete "Veni Vidi Vici Trinket" Game


Mtcoxygen completed Veni Vidi Vici Trinket 15 consecutive times.

01:19 United States

Most Entries In The "Pokemon Fire Red" Hall Of Fame (Game Boy Advance)

Jarod Adducci

Jarod A. has 193 Hall of Fame entries in Pokemon Fire Red.

00:32 Canada

Farthest Distance Reached In "Rail Riders" Mini-Game In "Mario Party DS"

Olivier Letendre

Olivier L. reached 593.5 inches in the Rail Riders mini-game in Mario Party DS.

03:55 United States

Fastest Time To Reach Level 50 In "Borderlands 2"

Matt Siegfried

Matt Siegfried reached Level 50 in Borderlands 2 after playing nonstop for 43 hours, 15 minutes, and 23.00 seconds. He began on Tuesday, September 18 at 12:30 a.m. and ended at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19. See his entire gameplay here.


Longest "Angry Birds" Marathon

Ward Versonnen & Sirdan Dalle

Ward Versonnen and Sirdan Dalle played Angry Birds nonstop for 48 hours. The record was organized by Compu-Trade during Computer Discovery Days, an event held for their customers. Watch their entire Angry Birds world record here.

00:18 United States

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon White Version 2" (DS)

Javon Bond

Javon B. put 544 hours and 41 minutes into Pokemon White Version.

00:39 United States

Longest "Pokemon Sapphire" Play Time

Ryan Weiss

Ryan W. spent 999 hours, 59 minutes playing Pokemon Sapphire.

00:20 United States

Longest Collective Hours Playing "Pokemon Diamond Version" (DS)

Benedicte Nordgård

Benedicte Nordgård played Pokemon Diamond for 401 hours, 11 minutes.

03:15 United States

Longest World Record Attempt Cut Short By An Act Of Nature

Ed Heemskerk

Ed Heemskerk planned to play Q*Bert for 100 hours on a single coin and set a world record for Longest Time Playing a Video Game Using One Quarter. After 56.5 hours, a power surge caused by an electrical storm brought unexplained death to Heemskerk's on-screen player and somehow reset the game. Read more about the unfortunate feat here.

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