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United States

Most Water Bottle Flips Onto A Table In One Minute

Cole Sawl

Cole S. flipped a water bottle onto a table 48 times in one minute. He set this record with his friend who did less water bottle flips.

United States

Most Times Flipping Two Water Bottles By Two People Onto A Table In Five Minutes

Dariush Zahiri

Dariush and his friend flipped two water bottles onto a table a total of 151 times in five minutes.


Fastest Time To Flip A Water Bottle 10 Times

Joshua Howard

Joshua H. flipped a water bottle 10 times in 12.97 seconds.

United States

Most Consecutive Water Bottle Flips Onto A Table With Eyes Closed

Brielle Junda

Brielle J. flipped a water bottle onto a table eight times with her eyes closed.

01:12 Australia

Most Plastic Bottle Flips Into A Shoe In One Minute

zachary keen

Zachary K. flipped a plastic bottle into a shoe 32 times in one minute.


Most Drumstick Flips In 30 Seconds

Marcus Anderson

Marcus A. flipped a drumstick 44 times in 30 seconds.

United States

Most Red Cups Flipped In 30 Seconds

Charles Crutchfield

Charles C. flipped 11 red cups in 30 seconds.

United States

Most Forward Back Karambit Flips In 10 Seconds

Blake Walker

Blake W. performed 13 forward back karambit flips in 10 seconds.

United States

Most Consecutive Front And Back Peanut Rolls On A Trampoline

Skye Strauch

Skye S. performed 17 consecutive front and back peanut rolls on a trampoline.

United States

Most 180-Degree Shoe Flips In One Minute

Corben mehrhoff

Corben M. flipped his shoe 180 degrees 63 times in one minute.

United States

Most Ken Flips With A Kendama In 30 Seconds

Luke Mattson

Luke M. performed 11 ken flips using a kendama in 30 seconds.


Most Bar Mats Flipped And Caught At Once (Female)

Rachel Ross

Rachel R. flipped and caught 50 bar mats at once.

United States

Most Consecutive Bottle Flips Using Back Of Hand

Gordon Keller

Gordon K. flipped a bottle 27 times using the back of his hand.

00:19 Egypt

Most Back Flips In 15 Seconds

Gaber Ali

Jaber Ali performed 15 back flips in 15 seconds.


Most Scissor Flips In 10 Seconds

Jahred glover

Jahred G. flipped a pair of scissors 16 times in 10 seconds.

00:25 Netherlands

Most Mid-Air Devilstick Spins After A Balance Flip Using A Handstick

Rob Boaron

Rob B. performed three mid-air devilstick spins after balance flipping it using a handstick.

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