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00:34 United States

Largest Global Film Premiere

One Day on Earth

In honor of Earth Day, over 160 countries premiered One Day on Earth, the largest global film premiere of all-time. The documentary, which features footage shot exclusively on October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10), includes clips from every single country on earth. United Nations Development Programme helped bring the project to life, and organized a special screening at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. At this event, RecordSetter president Dan Rollman presented a certificate to the film's director, Kyle Ruddick.

04:05 United States

Hottest Contained Environment

Ryan Duffy

Ryan made a contained environment that measured 145 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

03:02 United States

Largest Handmade Calendar About Environmental Awareness


BV Panduranga Rao, a cartoonist from Bangalore, India, made a calendar showing drawings about environmental awareness. It measures 50 inches long and 30.5 inches wide. The illustrations were all hand-drawn. He set the record to engage students and communities to take care of the environment.

06:03 Canada

Most People Participating In A Weed-Pull Activity To Remove Invasive Plants

Shannon Wagner

Shannon W. led 848 people to participate in a weed-pull activity to remove invasive plants on one of Coquitlam's Parks, Mundy Park. They set the record to clean the park from plants that destroy habitat for fishes, birds, and other wildlife. Species removed during this event included English ivy, yellow lamium, Himalayan blackberry and periwinkle. Plants were removed via hand pulling and digging out of the roots.

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