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00:3 India

Most Brainbench English Language Knowledge Certficates Received

Abhishaant Kumar

Abhishant Kumar received seven English Language Knowledge certificates from Brainbench.

00:30 United States

Fastest Backwards Recitation Of The English Alphabet While Jumping Rope

kaida nybong

Kaida N. recited the English alphabet backwards in 5.79 seconds while jumping rope.

00:49 United States

Fastest Time To Type The English Alphabet Using A Pair Of Scissors


Viktor O. typed the English alphabet using a pair of scissors in 6.85 seconds.

00:25 United States

Fastest Time For A 7-Year-Old To Recite The Helping Verbs Of American Standard English

Cody Ransom

Cody R. recited all 23 American English helping verbs, also known as auxiliary verbs, in 5.94 seconds. He is seven years old.

United States

Longest Arabic-English Ukulele Album

Betsy Fisher

Betsy and a Ukelele’s latest album “EP bil3Arabi” clocks in at 13 minutes, 16 seconds. Anyone attempting to beat this record must use a ukulele as the primary instrument.


Longest English Lesson

Andreas Luck

Andreas Luck taught an English conversation class to his students in Bangkok, Thailand that measured 79 hours and five minutes in length.

04:39 Canada

Longest Time To Balance Suit Of Armor On Hand

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a 10-pound suit of armor on his hand for three minutes and 12.12 seconds.

10:03 India

Most Verses In A Mirror Image Book In Hindi And English

Piyushdadriwala Goel

Piyushdadriwala Goel created 700 verses in a mirror image book, “Shreemadbhagvadgita”.[] The verses are in Hindi and English.

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