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00:55 United States

Longest Diabolo Finger Grind

Justus Wise

Justus Wise performed a diabolo finger grind for 36.11 seconds.

00:17 England

Longest Diabolo High Toss

Pete Matthews

Pete M. kept a diabolo in the air for 4.97 seconds.

00:19 United States

Longest Diabolo High Toss While Balancing On A Rola Bola

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed a diabolo high toss lasting 2.30 seconds while balancing on a rola bola.

00:56 Germany

Longest Diabolo Infinite Suicide Trick While Rotating A Devilstick

Lukas Reichenbach

Lukas R. performed a diabolo Infinite Suicide trick for 43.57 seconds while rotating a devilstick.


Longest Time Balancing A Diabolo Stick Grind

Felipe baraona

Felipe B. balanced a diabolo stick grind for two minutes, 35.38 seconds.

02:12 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Diabolo Stick Grind

Gary Coupar

Gary Coupar balanced a diabolo stick grind for one minute, 40.78 seconds.

00:38 United States

Longest Time Juggling Two Balls In One Hand While Performing An Around-The-Leg With A Diabolo

Pete Moyer

Pete Moyer juggled two balls in one hand for 6.32 seconds while performing an around-the-leg trick with a diabolo.

00:37 England

Longest Time Shuffling Three Diabolos While Balancing A Ball On Head

Janion Nevill

Janion Nevill shuffled three diabolos for 13.25 seconds while balancing a ball on top of his head.


Longest Time To Keep A Diabolo Spinning On A Juggling Ring

shaheed Livingstone

Shaheed L. kept a diabolo spinning on a juggling ring for three minutes, 7.03 seconds.

01:11 United States

Most 30-Meter Diabolo Flick Catches

Tim Jago

Tim Jago flicked a diabolo 30 meters into the air and caught it three times.

United States

Most Around-The-Hand Diabolo Tricks In 30 Seconds

Charles Rulon

Charles R. performed 59 around-the-hand diabolo tricks in 30 seconds.

03:46 England

Most Consecutive "Infinite Suicide" Diabolo Tricks

Joseph Thompson

Joseph T. performed 314 Infinite Suicide diabolo tricks in a row.

02:53 United States

Most Consecutive Behind The Back Diabolo Tosses In One Minute

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed 10 successful consecutive behind the back diabolo tosses in under one minute.


Most Consecutive Diabolo "Around The Neck" Bounces

Matthew Pacey

Matthew P. performed 117 consecutive diabolo "around the neck" bounces.


Most Consecutive Diabolo Catches

Wino Bouwens

Wino B. caught a diabolo 1,258 times in a row.

01:18 United States

Most Consecutive Diabolo Catches While Balancing On A Rola Bola

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey executed 12 consecutive diabolo catches while balancing on a rola bola.

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