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Dancing world records feature all different styles of dance, from the Twist to the Worm to go-go and the Macarena. If you've put in hours of practice doing tap, ballet, jazz or ballroom dancing, here's the place to show it off. If you're not a seasoned performer, it doesn't matter - just gather some friends and rave with glow sticks or crank the car stereo and groove in a parking lot.

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Longest Worm Dance In A Shower

Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan did the worm dance in a shower, traveling a total distance of 609 inches (over 50 feet). Brennan achieved the feat at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival in George, Washington. The record was set inside got2b’s World’s Biggest Shower[], a featured festival attraction. [#SMF01][]

06:21 United States

Longest Time To Dance "The Jerk"

Chance White

Chance White danced "The Jerk" for five minutes and 34.16 seconds.

02:06 United States

Most Dance Illusions In One Minute

dancer valerie

Dancer V. performed 31 dance illusions in one minute.

00:46 United States

Most People To Dance The Macarena In A Bookstore

Jeremy Brieske

A total of 10 people danced to the Macarena in a bookstore during a stop on the RecordSetter book tour.

00:41 United States

Most "The Dab" Dance Steps Performed While Riding A Skateboard

Spencer Register

Spencer R. performed The Dab 69 times while riding a skateboard.

00:48 England

Fastest Burlesque Glove Peel Circle

Sapphira (Priscilla Silcock)

Sapphira and 31 women performed a burlesque glove peel circle in 21.02 seconds. They set the record to raise awareness about female empowerment through self-expression. See list of names of the participants here.

00:24 Greece

Most Helicopter Swipe Breakdance Moves

nikos panayiotou

Nikos P. performed 18 helicopter swipe breakdance moves.

08:08 United States

Farthest Distance Traveled While Doing "The Caterpillar"

Rohit Timilsina

Rohit T. traveled 173.3 feet while performing The Caterpillar move.

01:59 United States

Highest Altitude To Perform A Traditional Irish Jig Dance

Lauren Richardson

Lauren R. led 21 dancers from Mountain Eire Irish Dance School in performing a traditional Irish jig dance at an altitude of 14,110 feet on the summit of Pikes Peak, Colorado. They set the record to celebrate their school's one year anniversary.

01:09 United States

Most People Dancing To "Shake It Off" At Once

Amanda Stroud

Sixty-eight people danced to "Shake It Off" at once. The members of The Gamma Sigma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi set the record.

01:38 England

Longest "Identical T-Shirt" Conga Line

Durham Scouts

132 Durham Scouts danced in a conga line while wearing identical shirts.

01:11 England

Most People Dancing To "Captain Pugwash" While Wearing Pirate Costumes

Durham Scouts

32 Durham scouts danced to Captain Pugwash while wearing pirate costumes.

04:15 United States

Highest Score Dancing To "Feel This Moment" In "Just Dance 2014"

Maria Viles

Maria V. earned 8,875 points dancing to "Feel This Moment" by Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera in Just Dance 2014.

06:41 India

Most People Dancing At Once While Holding Sugarcane Stalks

spkschools namakkal

478 students from SPK Schools in Namakkal, India danced at once while holding sugarcane stalks. Dr. S.Prabu Kumar, chairman of the school institution, organized the record.

03:45 United States

Highest Combined Score Earned By Two Players Dancing "Waking Up In Vegas" In "Just Dance 2014"

Hailey Adelle

Hailey and her friend earned 16,863 points dancing to "Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry in Just Dance 2014.

05:12 United States

Most People With Their Dancing Partners In Wheelchairs Performing A Choreographed Tango Dance

Wheelchair Dancers Organization

Wheelchair Dancers, a nonprofit organization, led 80 participants in wheelchairs and their dance partners in dancing the Tango. They set the record to promote self-esteem and teamwork, fun, and inspiration for physically challenged people. Learn more about the feat here.

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