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01:19 United States

Longest Human Domino Chain

Andrew Brackmann

Andrew Brackmann led 400 people at C&MA's Metro Youth "Thrive" Retreat to form a domino chain.

02:57 The Internet

Longest "Low Five" Chain

Luke Makris

Luke and 39 people created a low-five chain. They lined up and each person low-fived the next.

00:10 The Internet

Longest Foam Peanut Chain

Leah strecker

Leah S. made a chain of foam peanuts five feet in length.

05:08 United States

Longest Pencil Top Eraser Chain

Kyle Lipp

Mr. I made a pencil top eraser chain using 314 erasers.

02:31 Netherlands

Longest Coin Domino Chain

nick hoogendijk

Nick H. made a domino chain using 114 coins and successfully made the entire chain toppled.

01:56 Netherlands

Longest Office Chair Train Pulled By A Motorcycle

Jan willem Kalkman

22 students from Driestar College in Gouda, Netherlands formed a train of office chairs and were pulled down the street behind a motorcycle.

15:57 United States

Longest Doritos Domino Chain


Joshua created a domino chain using 92 Doritos chips and successfully made the entire chain toppled. The record was set as part of the Doritos Bold 50 campaign.

03:41 India

Longest Kirigami Chain Made In Six Hours

Indu International School

A student at Indu International School made a kirigami chain in six hours that measures 267 meters in length.

00:10 India

Longest Bent Playing Card Domino Chain


Jaydeepgurowb created a domino chain using 300 bent playing cards and successfully made the entire chain topple.

02:33 India

Fastest Time To Set Up And Topple A Playing Card Domino Chain

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur set up a deck of 52 standard-sized playing cards in a domino chain and toppled it in one minute, 40.03 seconds.

04:59 United States

Longest Glowstick Chain

Alana London

Students, staff, and community members of Brookman Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada created a chain using 20,808 glow sticks. Each glow stick represented a book that a student read and tested at 80% or higher.

01:04 South Africa

Longest Hand Clap Chain

Executive Mayor

City of Champion's Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan led 199 people to form a hand clap chain. The record was held at Dan Queue Stadium in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.

06:32 Romania

Longest Plastic Capsule Chain

Dimonu Matt

Dimonu M. made an 11-meter chain using 282 plastic capsules.

02:40 United States

Most Soap Bubbles Linked In A Chain

Bubble Dude

Bubble Dude linked 55 soap bubbles in a chain.

00:48 Canada

Fastest Time To Link 25 Paper Clips To One Paper Clip

Toothless Sal

Toothless Sal linked 25 paper clips to one paper clip in 27.45 seconds.

02:24 Wales

Longest Suspended Beer Can Chain

Mark Evans

Mark E. held up a horizontal beer can chain 11 cans in length.

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