The Top 15 RecordSetter World Records of 2011 In 2011, the RecordSetter received and processed thousands of new world records from over 35 countries around the planet. Here are our 15 favorite feats of the year.

The Top 10 Recordsetter World Records 2011

In 2011, RecordSetter received over 8,000 world records from more than 50 countries worldwide. Here are the Top 15 favorites, as chosen by the RecordSetter Council and our global community. Did we miss any classics? Have your own list of favorites? Leave them in the Comments below. Enjoy!


Most People Flipped Over While Performing a Forward Aerial Barani


"I told them to show no emotion, care, or concern about anything," says Dan Mackey, describing the pep talk he gave to the 10 people he would ultimately leap over in a single bound. These trusting folks then laid down in a row and stayed very still as Mackey ran toward them and performed a forward aerial barani (a front flip and a 180-degree turn). To the delight of all present, he landed on the gym mat rather than someone’s abdomen.


Largest Cardboard Fort


Kirkland House, the Harvard dorm in which Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, has a new claim to fame. In September this year, Kirkland students created the world’s largest cardboard fort, using 566 boxes to build a castle in the quad. Its features included a drawbridge, an arched entryway and a moat. Bosses, take note: these ingenious creators will soon make their way into the workforce.


Most Bites Taken Out Of Three Apples In 30 Seconds While Juggling Them


Brian Pankey, who is far and away RecordSetter’s most prolific performer, managed to combine eating and juggling in this attention-getting record. The novelty of the feat caught the eyes of producers at Late Show with David Letterman, leading Pankey to perform the routine in front of Letterman himself. (The famously jaded talk show host looked highly impressed, not to mention entertained.)


Longest Sky-Five


Not satisfied with a simple, everyday high-five, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young decided to elevate matters. Literally. Dressed as Elvis in his declining years, the pair jumped directly at each other from a distance of 13 feet and completed a high five before landing. The effect of their polyester costumes on aerodynamics was not clear, but the Vegas odds say that they are capable of beating their own record.


Most Back Of Hand Push-Ups While Wearing A 40-Pound Pack In One Minute


For this record, Shaun McDaniel had a specific goal: to beat Paddy Doyle’s 49 back-handed push-ups while wearing a 40-pound pack on his back. As McDaniel loaded weights into his backpack, one of the straps broke, and a tense silence filled the room. Luckily, fellow record setter Billy Disney had brought a backpack to the event, and was happy to see it play a part in a new world record. With the new pack loaded up, McDaniel strained and sweated through 63 push-ups.


Longest Drumming Marathon To Raise Money For Cancer Research


In memory of his sister, who died after a five-year battle with cancer, Steven Gaul, a cancer survivor himself, drummed for 121 continuous hours in order to raise money for cancer research. That’s over five days of hitting the skins, with only one five-minute break allowed every hour. Gaul’s final song was, fittingly, “We Are the Champions.” A crowd of 200 sang along as he pounded out the final chorus.


Most Pencils Held in Hand


Dinesh Upadhyaya's elastic mouth saw him rise to prominence this year, with records like Most Straws Fit in Mouth. His talents, however, go beyond wrapping his lips around things. Mumbai-based Upadhyaya can also fit a staggering number of pencils in his hand. Having set the record at 185 in January, he re-attempted it in June and achieved 281. A man dedicated to bettering his own accomplishments, Upadhyaya is one of 2011’s most inspirational breakout stars.


Most People Hit in Face with Pies While Wearing Roller Skates in 30 seconds


2011 was the year that Spanish television show Otra Movida declared war on Jimmy Fallon. The Madrid-based crew decided that Fallon had become too cocky, and established a segment dedicated to beating the records set on his show. Host Cristina Pedroche hit 27 people in the face with pies while on rollerblades, more than doubling Drew Barrymore’s achievement of 13 pies. Your move, Fallon.


Most Swords Swallowed in 30 Seconds


The intensity of this record is captured in the faces of the awestruck assistants who hold Dan Meyer's swords. Meyer took a blade from each of them and licked it before jamming it down his esophagus with a swiftness that would make even the most hardened human flinch. He did this six times in half a minute with no apparent injuries sustained.


Longest One-Foot Nose Manual


Though in most circles a “nose manual” refers to an instruction book for the operation of one’s sniffer, in skateboarding terms it refers to lifting the back part of the board off the ground and coasting forward on the front wheels only. Colt Whitmore set a world record by performing a one-footed nose manual that lasted 182 feet. A fellow skater friend filmed his attempt while skating beside him, an impressive feat in itself.


Fastest Guitar Player


John Taylor has pledged his soul to rock and roll. In addition to teaching students the finer points of finger-picking at his Colorado school of guitar and bass, Taylor dabbles in speed strumming. This year, RecordSetter handed him the world record for the fastest guitar player after witnessing his 600 BPM rendition of "The Flight Of The Bumblebee." Unfortunately, the titular bumblebee succumbed to a heart attack despite resuscitation efforts.


Most Crotch Throws While Juggling Five Clubs

11Crotch Throws

“Crotch throw” sounds painful, but it’s actually the source of much joy. The move involves throwing a juggling club back through the legs so it sails over the head and lands back in the juggler’s hands. It’s a bit tricky to explain, so to see it executed by a man at the top of his game, watch this video of David Ferman completing five crotch throws in a row. The Floridian’s nonchalance while performing this difficult task is both impressive and maddening.


Most Consecutive No-Look Half Court Shots


Jason "White Shadow" Gibbons is a Maine resident and member of the Harlem Superstars comedy basketball team. He harnesses the power of his crazy-good court skills to inspire kids and raise funds for charity. Impressed yet? Well, try this on for size: this year, Gibbons sunk three consecutive baskets from the half-court line. Without looking. While facing backwards.


Most Coins Balanced On One Dime


The coins-on-a-dime world record category has seen a lot of action ever since it was originated by Tai Star in September this year. Star broke his own record of 469 twice, eventually setting a mark of 3,118 coins. It seemed an impossible figure to beat without invoking the powers of a Marvel superhero, but Matt Davis of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, did it. And it only took him eight hours.


Longest Headspin


B-Girl Spinderella is an 11-year-old breakdancer from Chicago. She and her four siblings bust moves under the name “Chi-Town Finest Breakers.” Spindy’s speciality is marathon headspinning. Her 13 minutes and 53.34 seconds of continuous spinning is astounding enough, but the fact that she also manages to compose tweets, read a magazine, play PSP and write a message on paper with a Sharpie mid-whirl is just ridiculous.

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