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    Highest Score In "Doodle Jump"

    AW Prince earned 24,210,720 points in Doodle Jump. Read more about the feat here.

    Apr 24 AWPrince 26 comments The Internet
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    Highest Score In "Aegis Wing" (Xbox LIVE)

    George F. earned 180,530 points in Aegis Wing.

    Apr 25 GeorgeFilby 1 comment United States
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    Fastest Triple Kill In "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" (Xbox 360)

    Dalton O. made a triple kill in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in 1.70 seconds.

    Apr 25 DaltonOverbey The Internet
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    Farthest Distance Flown In "Minecraft"

    Todd L. flew a distance of 1,668 kilometers in Minecraft.

    Apr 26 ToddLomas 13 comments The Internet
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    Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon White Version 2" (DS)

    Jake put 216 hours and 36 minutes into Pokemon White Version 2.

    Apr 30 jakedrake4 5 comments The Internet
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    Fastest Completion Of "Time Crisis" (PS2)

    Kyle V. completed Time Crisis in 23 minutes, 43.00 seconds.

    May 03 KyleVega United States
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    Longest Rayman Games Team Marathon

    Eric T. and his teammates MattThePatrat and DDay played six game versions of Rayman nonstop for 29 hours. See their entire... (more)

    May 07 EricTompson 1 comment Australia
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    Largest Hand-Placed Nether Quartz Pyramid In "Minecraft" (PC)

    Nick L. created a hand-placed Nether quartz pyramid in Minecraft using 2500 blocks.

    May 09 NickLombardi 1 comment The Internet
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    Most Arcade Machine Counters Rolled To 9,999,999

    Lonnie McDonald rolled 99 arcade machine counters to 9,999,999 points. He is on a quest to post 9,999,999 scores on every classic... (more)

    May 09 LonnieMcDonald 1 comment United States
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    Highest Blowout Point Total In "Run 'N Gun" (Online)

    Seth A. earned 56 blowout points in Run 'N Gun.

    May 15 SethAiken 1 comment United States
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    Most TNT Detonated In Creative Mode Of "Minecraft"

    ButtSaggingon placed and detonated 2,000,000 units of TNT in Minecraft creative mode.

    May 20 ButtSaggingon 47 comments The Internet
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    Fastest Time To Beat The First Four Masters In "Megaman III" (Gameboy)

    Daryl K. beat the first four masters in Megaman III in nine minutes, 53.24 seconds.

    May 21 Zeo United States
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    Highest Score In "Dance Central - C'mon N' Ride It" (Kinect)

    Nagy Boglarka earned 1,133,394 points in Dance Central - C'mon N' Ride It.

    May 21 NagyBoglárka The Internet
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    Fastest Time To Beat The First Four Masters In "Megaman III" (Gameboy)

    Daryl K. beat the first four masters in Megaman III in nine minutes, 47.55 seconds.

    May 22 Zeo United States
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    Fastest Completion Of "Epic Combo Redux" (Online)

    Darkspear666 completed Epic Combo Redux in eight minutes, 41.17 seconds.

    May 24 darkspear666 The Internet
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    Fastest Minimalist Completion Of "Sonic CD" (Sega Genesis)

    Matthew F. completed Sonic CD in 31 minutes, 26.00 seconds.

    May 27 MatthewFelix2 United States
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    Largest American Flag In Survival Mode Of "Minecraft"

    Bryan L. created a replica of the American Flag in Survival mode of Minecraft measuring 130 blocks in width and 247 blocks in... (more)

    May 28 BryanLenz 3 comments The Internet
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    Most Enemies Killed At Once In "Minecraft"

    TNTMIner123 killed a total of 320 enemies in Minecraft at once.

    May 31 TNTMIner123 17 comments The Internet
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    Highest Score In "The Pinball Arcade: Theatre of Magic" (Xbox LIVE)

    Andrew L. earned 2,857,321,040 points in The Pinball Arcade: Theater of Magic.

    Jun 04 AndrewLloyd The Internet
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